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    Planning a road trip on Route 66 from Chicargo to San Francisco,total number of people nine(all blokes). We need an RV and a convertible,best places to hire from??? Any assistance or advice would be very much appreciated.


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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America forum.

    Mark, if you follow the "Travel Reservations" link on the tool bar at the top of this page, and then the "Car" link at the bottom of the page that takes you to, then you'll be able to get rates from all the major rental firms on many, many different types of cars, including SUVs and convertibles. RVs are a more specialized segment of the rental market, and you'll have fewer options to choose from, but our Editor has had particularly good dealings with Tracks and Trails. You should also check out our hints on how to rent an RV, how to 'pre-flight' one once you've rented it, as well as these more general tips. Also look into these Route-66 guides and suggestions.


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