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    Default Route 66 Road Trip

    Hi, everyone. I have a question about a road trip I am planning to take with my daughter this summer -- she is a senior in high school and so this will be a very special post-high-school-graduation-and-pre-start-of-college vacation just for we two, the most wonderful daughter in the world, and her mom, me.

    M. (my daughter) and I have decided to fly to Chicago and then drive Route 66 from beginning to end. We had also considered driving U.S. 40 coast to coast (we live in NJ), but M. has always wanted to see the Southwest, and especially the Grand Canyon. That's fine with me, since I have never seen that part of the country either.

    While my budget is not unlimited, it's not excessively tight, either (a refreshing change this year!); but what we are limited on is time. M. wants this to be no longer than a two-week trip, because she also wants to have time to spend with her dad, her friends, and her cats before she packs off for college. Yet neither of us wants to drive constantly; we want to have time for sightseeing.

    Is it possible to drive Route 66 at a reasonably leisurely pace and still do it in two weeks?

    Any information/help/suggestions you can provide are most welcome. Just so you know, I have already done some initial research; I've looked at some of the Route 66 websites, and I've read a lot of the posts and articles on this site.

    Thank you for any help you can give us!

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    Default Welcome

    Welcome to the RoadTrip America forum!

    That sounds like a reasonable time to complete your trip. The thing about Route66 is that there were several alignments over the years, and some parts have been swallowed up by I-44 and I-40, in others, it's been reduced to a frontage road for these routes.

    That said, there are still plenty of places that embrace the heritage of the road, and much literature has been written over the years on the subject. Indeed, we have a whole section here. If you are fairly tall and decide to sleep in a wigwam...remember to duck when going to the bathroom!

    For someone from the Northeast, the Southwest is like a completely different planet. You're going to love it!

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    Hi, Tim! Thank you for your reply; I'm really glad two weeks is a realistic time frame; I had thought maybe it was not.

    I did know that large parts of Route 66 have been decommissioned. I suppose, looking at the bright side, M. and I can use those parts that have been swallowed by the interstates to drive without stopping so we can get to the historic and original parts of 66!

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    Default Check Out Field Trip Reports

    If you go to Field Trip reports in this forum, you can see some of the things we did on our trip, along with motel prices along the way.

    We also found gas prices to be cheaper from mid Illinois out to Oklahoma City and progressively more expensive after that. Overall, it was highest in California, with the very highest prices in Needles, Ca., at $3 to $3.30 this past October.

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    I am covering the same distance but in 26 days. Have been told that 10 days is about the minimum. Do you have an Itinery.
    I am setting off from Toronto but will make Chicgao first major stop.
    Then Yellowstone and down to Las vegaes from there and on to LA.
    I have not seccured a vehicle yet
    Hope to converse with you over the coming planning months.

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    Default No Set Itinerary

    We knew where we wanted to go, but never made reservations in advance. You never know what you're going to see or want to do.

    This was a GREAT experience. I suggest David Wickline's "Images of 66" and Jerry McClannahan's "EZ Guide to 66". The signage in Illinois and now most of Missouri is good. But it is not so good the rest of the way.

    If at all possible, plan to time so that you can coincide with a 66 festival. Springfield, Illinois, has theirs in late September as does Winslow, Az. The national convention will be in Clinton, Oklahoma this June.

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    Default More convention info please

    Roaddog, could you tell me where I could find out more information about the national convention in Oklahoma next June? I might be part of a Route 66 roadtrip with a group and we will be doing it in June. If the dates can coincide, it might be fun to stop by.

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