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  1. Default Need advice on scenic route trip from la to yosemite to lake tahoe in may

    My husband and I are leaving on a trip to Lake Tahoe this weekend and would like to know if there is a scenic route through Yosemite to get to Tahoe. We are not planing to stay at Yosemite just want to get a few nice pics while heading to Tahoe maybe spend and hour or two at the most in Yosemite. Would appreciate some helpful ideas and key hwy's to use.

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    Default Through the valley, not over the mountain.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    While you could head into Yosemite valley from the South entrance and drive through there is no way across the Sierra's and at present you will have to head North to I 80 as US50 has a snow chain/ 4 x 4 restriction in place at the moment. You can get updated on road conditions at caltrans as well as using the 511 call centre.

    You will have to keep an eye on conditions in Yosemite as well, but if you are doing the trip in one day it will be an extremely long one, think 14 hours or so with a little time in Yosemite.

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    Thanks this really helps! Can you tell me the best scenic route to Lake Tahoe from LA... I will skip out on Yosemite

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    The chain restrictions may be off by this weekend - if so, the most scenic route across the Sierras is CA-88.

    If you just want to get from LA to Tahoe and see some scenery, you can go up the east side of the Sierras - take I-5 north to CA-14 (Antelope Valley Fwy) and take that through Palmdale up to Ridgecrest and join US-395. Note that there are chain restrictions on 395 at this time. To get to Tahoe from 395, the shortest way would be to pick up NV-207 in Gardnerville and go over the Kingsbury Grade. If there are issues on the Kingsbury, you would have to continue to Carson City and take US-50 back to Tahoe.

    If there are still snow and chain issues in the whole area this weekend, your only real choice will be to go to Sacramento and take I-80 (or US-50 if the restrictions are off). Keep a close eye on the linked Caltrans website. Here is a list of controlled areas in NV. Right now, you can't get to Tahoe at all without chains.

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