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    Default Route 66 Road trip

    Hey everyone. Loving the forum.

    Okay, I have a few questions on traveling Route 66 this summer(2010). We will be traveling east to west, so arriving in Santa Monica.

    How long would it take to drive the original path, or whats left of it?
    How many realignments are worth traveling?
    Does anyone know any points along the way to avoid? (unpaved, impassible, ect.)
    Any points along the way to definitely stop? Both for quick roadside attractions, and places to stay for the night. Either Hotels or more preferably campsites.

    The funding is not to be a problem, and the vehicle has not been determined, so no need to worry about that yet. We got a good 9 month before then.

    Thank everyone. Happy Travels.

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    Besides the volume of information in the forums, regarding route 66, there is an excellent chapter on the Mother Road, which would answer all your questions in great detail, in a book called Road Trip USA. If you check on Amazon or a similar site you are bound to find it.

    Lifey who finds it a most valuable resource

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    Default Take a look around.

    You will find lots of info on '66 by using the search function including some good links here.
    They should help you decide what you feel are "worthwhile" stretches to visit and how long you want to take. The most popular and in tact part is through Seligman to Kingman and then onto Oatman which has some great little towns and memorabilia shops, but that's the only part I know of.

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    A great resource that I found is the Here It Is! Route 66 Map series, which is designed with a “treasure map” theme and generously illustrated with original art, points of interest and historical text.

    Oh, and you must take the Seligman to Kingman stretch. It is the longest in tack stretch left, and Seligman is a must stop. It has Delgadio's Snow Cap, which is my favorite drive-in in the world.

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    Well thanks everyone! I hope to find some information in those links. And i will definitely drive the Seligman to Kingman part. Sounds like a good time.

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    From Chicago to Seligman, there are really only scraps of the old road left other than a fairly significant stretch between Springfield MO and Miami OK. The rest of it is primarily frontage roads and roads in and out of towns on I-55, 44, and 40, and a lot of the original route has been paved over by the Interstates. There is also a reasonable stretch between Needles and Barstow CA. Kingman through Oatman to Topock is well worth it too.

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