• RoadTrip Books of Interest to RoadTrippers Planning Trips

      One of the strategic partners to RoadTrip America.com is Imbrifex Books. Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, Imbrifex Books is a publisher of both fiction and non-fiction books, audiobooks and e-books. Some of the titles are especially of interest to those planning road trips in North America.

      Scenic Side Trips (imprint): (more info here)
      RoadTrip America Scenic Side Trips is a series of road trip guides in North America. Each guide features over two dozen scenic and historic routes that that are easily accessible from Interstate highways. Descriptive narrative, gorgeous photography, and detailed maps reveal up-to-date discoveries, fascinating history, roadside attractions, and unique food and lodging. As part of the production process, Imbrifex Books produces detailed maps, graphics and other key elements for these books for author.

      Base Camp Hiking Guides (imprint): (more info here)
      This is a planned 10-book series of hiking guides based in key American cities where hikers can enjoy solitude and unspoiled wilderness by day and world-class urban amenities by night. The authors of each these books are expert hikers who are gifted in sharing tips and suggestions for exploring these hikes. This is an evolving series and certain design elements may change as time goes on. But all such books will have 101 featured hikes.

      The Local Angler
      (imprint) (More information here)
      Expert fisherman and fisherwomen who share tips and secrets about their specialty as anglers are hallmarks of this series. Fly fishing, bait casting, ocean fishing, catch-n-release, a wide spectrum of expertise, talents and knowledge will be published through this imprint.

      To learn more about the brand new books being published by Imbrifex Books, click here.