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Over the nearly two decades that RTA has been "on the road and online," we've developed some great free tools to help you plan your trip. This page will help you choose and use the tools that suit your needs.

RTA Map Wizard

RTA Map WizardUse the interactive RTA Map Wizard to make instant road trip maps. Simply enter your beginning and ending points, then click to find RoadTrip Attractions with visitor information along your route. These are places that RTA correspondents have found that are of special interest to those planning road trips.

Advanced Maps

RTA's full-service mapping program allows you to create, save, and share unlimited custom routes and itineraries. You can also add your own attractions and points of interest. In addition to offering everything available through the Map Wizard, you’ll find a number of additional tools you can use to enhance your maps. There’s no limit to the number of personal road trip maps you can create, save, share and print. Free registration is required.

Free Planning Advice

Arizona highwayIn addition to providing access to Advanced Maps, free registration allows you to participate in the Great American RoadTrip Forum. You'll be welcomed by a friendly community of avid road trippers from across North America and beyond. We offer free expert advice about everything from routes and weather to roadside attractions and events. Whether you're wondering about the best time to drive to Yosemite, where to park an RV in Manhattan, or how to get your CB radio to work, you'll find someone with up-to-the-minute intel. In addition, you'll discover wonderful photo galleries and inspiring "field reports" guaranteed to ignite serious roadtrip fever. Our members often comment that RoadTrip America is the next best thing to being on the road. You're also welcome to “lurk” without registering and still glean free expert advice.

RoadTrip Routes

RTA's road trip intineraries describe great road trips all over North America. Each route includes road facts, points of interest, and a detailed map.
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Seasonal Tips

Mormon Well Road, NevadaWinter Driving
Holiday Road Trips
Driving Tips for All Seasons
Spring Break Road Trips

RoadTrip Health & Safety

How to Make a "Speed Run"
Safe Mountain Driving
Tips for Eating Well on the Road
6 Tips for a Safe Road Trip
Take Safety Along!

Inspiration & Motivation

Tennessee RoadTripCar Ride? Make It A Road Trip!
Fly-And-Drive Road Trips
The Art of the Road Trip
The 20-Hour Road Trip
The Two-Hour Road Trip
The Art of the CHEAP Road Trip
14 Reasons to Hit the Road
How to Plan a Great Road Trip
Getting Out There (Articles)
Seven Keys to Adventure

Couples, Families, Kids & Pets

Family RoadTripTaking Grandkids on the Road
Great Family Road Trips
Road Tripping with Baby
Tips for Couples on a Roll
"Road Schooling"
Solo Road Trips
Teenage Road Trip?
RoadTrip Compatibility Quiz
Pet Restraints for Cars
Tips for Traveling with Pets
Learning on a Roll
Choosing Pet-Friendly Motels

Service, Equipment & Lodging Tips

How To Use Truck Stops
Staying in Hostels
RVs: Pros & Cons
Car Top Carriers
Are Reservations Necessary?
Power Inverters

Planners & Mapping

Free Web-based Road Trip Planners