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    Default September, October & November 2013 Cross Country

    Retirement Grand Tour -Summary

    78 days
    15,531 miles
    36 states

    15 nights in motels
    11 nights with family
    1 night Casino
    51 nights in campgrounds

    $863.24 Motel
    Low of $40.23 AZ
    High of $74.04 NY

    $836.70 Campground
    Low of $5.00
    High of $45

    Low of $2.87 LA
    High of $3.69 CA & NE

    Meals & Groceries

    Tours, Mass Transit, Tolls
    *majority spent on Dry Tortugas seaplane

    180 finds

    National Park Sites
    62 sites

    1 car repair, no injuries or illness.

    But most of all - a lot of fun!

    Field Report:
    September 7th: Leave Tucson for cross-country journey
    Friday, November 1, 2013 to November 23rd
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    Default Interesting stats

    It is amazing how close in total dollars the cost of lodging at motels and campgrounds. thanks for the great summary report and for sharing all of the photos.


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    Default Ratio - Motel:campgrounds

    Dollars spent on motels vs campgrounds even more interesting when you look at the number of nights in each.mAnd we stay at cheap motels,,primarily Motel 6, Red Roof on occasion and Super 8 if either of those not available.

    15:51 nights

    And for the most part (weather permitting) we much prefer a campground. We sleep better in our van than in a motel. We also do a much better job of fixing or cooking meals when we camp, cheaper and healthier.


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