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Travels with Thurman
Explore the southwest with college professor Gerald Thurman, who roams the backroads with a digital camera and an eye for the cool.

Professional Trip Log: An excellent video documenting a road trip from Zion to Moab via Monument Valley and the Grand Staircase of the Escalante. (2/1/08)
Summer Road Trip Planning Tips: Seven helpful suggestions from (4/24/05)
California's Famous Ridge Route is Closed: The record, torrential rainstorms that have soaked southern California in early 2005 have caused numerous slides and washouts along the historical road as profiled in Harrison Scott's Ridge Route. Photos and information about the damage will be updated here as conditions change. (3/27/05)
US Highway 70 End-To-End: In September, 2000 Alan Hamilton drove 5668 miles following US-70 from Globe, Arizona to the Atlantic ocean in North Carolina and back again. This site includes daily field reports and some excellent photos documenting this route. Alan's main site is the most comprehensive Arizona highway site we have ever seen, and includes scans of rare maps and historical photographs. (1/9/05)
Old Spanish Trail: A historical highway that stretched 2,743 miles between St. Augustine, Florida, to San Diego, California. This site is an incredible resource with detailed history articles and lots of photos. (1/9/05)
Arizona Leisure Guide: Detailed route information, maps, & photographs of road trip destinations throughout the state (10/17/04)
Rhode Island Road Trips! Suggested by RTA Guide TimboTA, this site feature little-known attractions in "The Ocean State." (8/8/04)
New Road Trip Every Sunday: Produced by the Washington Post, directions & maps to destinations starting from the Washington, D.C. area. Be sure to click on the "Printable Maps" to access the excellent PDF files describing these road trips. (7/25/04)
Lewis & Clark Trail Guides: A superb site with loads of trip planning information. By clicking here, you can take a virtual tour of the 1806 expedition. Event calendars are provided for every section of the Corps of Discovery's route. One of the best Lewis & Clark sites we have found. (6/13/04)
US Highway 50 Across Nevada: Road trip aticles first published in Outside Magazine in July, 2003
Travel+Leisure Magazine's "Five Road Trips": This article appeared in the Boston Globe in April, 2004, and provides good suggestions for summer travels (5/2/04)
Lincoln Highway: Stretching from New York to San Francisco, this was the first transcontinental highway ever built. This site provides maps, photos & history about the route and what exists today for those seeking to drive it. (3/21/04)
Catskill Mountains Road Trip: This site features a dozen weekend road trips in New York state (3/21/04)
Western Fly-Drive Holidays: A British visitor has created a superb site with detailed maps & links about road trips in the Western U.S. (1/25/04)
Ridge Route Virtual Tour: Mike Ballard's drive along Southern California's famous Ridge Route—great photos & descriptions
Speed Runs! Info about road rallies, road races, and other odysseys involving high velocities.
Scenic drives in Oregon: Descriptions and photos for sixteen scenic drives, including routes around La Grande and along the Columbia River Gorge. The site also has a useful mileage calculator for points throughout Oregon.
California Historic Highways: At one time there were 18 US Highways in the Golden State. Casey Cooper has created an astounding site with historical & modern photographs, maps, and anecdotes. For more information about the evolution of the US Highway System click here.
California Mileage Posts: This site deciphers the seemingly bizarre code found on mile marker posts throughout California. This is also a useful resource for learning about just about every type of road and highway in California.
Drives in Southern California: Photos and descriptions of scenic drives in the San Gabriel, Lieber, and San Emigdio Mountain Ranges.
Four Scenic Drives Near San Francisco: Virtual road trips to Santa Cruz, San Juan Bautista, Monterey, and Point Reyes posted by Bay Area locals Tom and Margaret Husband
Drive the Gold Rush Trail: California Highway 49 brings Mother Lode history to life
Colorado Scenic & Historic Byways: Back country drives to alpine valleys, ghost towns, and unique destinations like the source of the Colorado River. The site includes maps, driving directions, and beautiful photographs.
Nevada Hot Springs: University of Nevada Professor Howard Goldbaum's excellent site reports on his ongoing mission to visit all 312 named hot springs in the Silver State.
100-Day Road Trip to 50 States, 2,500 Towns, 19,000 Miles: This site chronicles a real road trip undertaken by Bill & Barbara Windsor beginning April 1, 2003.
10 Themed Road Trips: With truly awesome photos by Philip Greenspun, these adventures include destinations like Mono Lake and Monument Valley and have themes like "birth locations of the atomic age."
Route 66: Get Your kicks on the Mother Road!
One-Day Road Trips to American Revolution historical sites
Along Interstate 75: Attractions between Detroit and the Florida state line.

California's Historic Ridge Route: Outrageous highway linking Los Angeles with the central valley. Scenic Drives in each state
By-The-Way Magazine: A guide to diners across the U.S.A.
Three Road Trip Itineraries by Mark Lacy: Mississippi Delta from Jackson to Natchez, Nine-Day Loop from Albuquerque through 6 National Parks, Journey Along Louisiana's King's Road
Road Trips through Alberta: 12 scenic routes developed by the Alberta tourist agency
Roadside America: Offbeat (but right near the road!) tourist attractions
RoadTrip USA: Eleven itineraries on two-lane highways
Six-Day Road Trip from Dallas, Texas, to Fairbanks, Alaska: Yes, only six days! This is a very cool site.
Mile by Mile: This commercial site includes a list of itineraries in the United States and Canada. Businesses located along the routes provide information and descriptions of attractions and places to eat and stay. There's also a fun travel trivia game and a good photo gallery of views from the routes described.
The American Road: New print magazine dedicated to historic U.S. two-lane highways.


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