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Weather & Road Conditions: Tips and Resources


Oregon Live Weather Cams: The Oregon Department of Transportation has created a unique Web resource called Check road and weather conditions, get snow reports, and get live video images from scores of cameras throughout the state. (Link updated June 17, 2019)
National Weather Service: Quick & easy access to all U.S. weather warnings & watches, temperature forecasts, flood stage alerts, infrared & satellite imagery. The site also has a gallery of awesome photos of severe weather.
Federal Road Traffic and Conditions Page with links to both private and public providers, including Etak, Metro One, etc.
First Real-Time Internet Weather Service: Fast and accurate real-time weather info. Although nearly all the information is available at no cost, the $5 per year membership offers ad-free weather info and e-mail alerts (sent to member-specified computer or pager) about pending severe weather conditions.
National Interagency Fire Center: Updates on current wild fires, road closures, etc.
Road Geeks: Richard Moeur is a state traffic engineer. His site reflects his extensive collection of U. S. road signs.
More Road Geeks: Have you ever wondered if there is any logic behind the US Interstate Highway numbering system? Don Urs, from Irvine, California, alerted us to some entertaining & educational Web sites created by some self-designated Road Geeks. Check out the remarkable work of David "Zzyzx" Steinberg here and here, and if you really want to be astounded, click here!


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