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Mobile Office & Internet Access: Tips & Resources

Cell Phone Rentals: On a recent road trip to the hill country in northern Thailand, we rented a GSM phone from Cell Hire-USA. We found the service excellent -- good customer service and good deployment time. One thing to be cautious of: the surcharge for usage can easily exceed the rental cost. We used the phone several times over the course of a week -- only for voice communication -- and the air time cost exceeded 127% of the cost of rental. (10/2/04)
Wi-Fi Field Report: Jon R. Vermilye reports on the relative difficulty of using Wi-Fi to update a Web page from the road in this June, 2004 report. (6/20/04)
Off-road Mobile Offices: This RV Manufacturer builds cutting-edge custom campers
Workers on Wheels: Tips for working RVers
RoadTrip America's Dashboarding Department: Tips and equipment reviews
RoadNews: Offers guidelines for using laptops to connect on the road
Paul & Sarah Edwards are well known for their best-selling books, radio programs and seminars about starting and running a business from home, and many of their tips, ideas and suggestions are equally valuable even if "home" is a moving target. Their web site is a good source of information for entrepreneurs of all kinds. This is the site to visit for reliable, easily understood computer info and updates on everything from AOL to Zip. Through his monthly newsletter, which is well worth the susbscription rate, Jeff Levy offers consistently excellent advice for everyone, from complete beginners to seasoned nerds.
Road Wired's MegaMedia computer bag: Product review of some of the best dashboarding gear available
For a definition of Wi-Fi (802.11b), click here.
Breaking news in Wi-Fi and wireless LAN communities
Free 802.11(b) Wi-Fi connection locations by ZIP code
802.11(b) Wi-Fi access information for hotels and airports nationwide
Definitive guide to installing LINUX on laptops


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