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Do you read French? Suzette and Gilles Samson are currently traveling around the USA and posting photos and trip journals about their travels. Very nice photos and descriptions! (2/8/08)
Photo Safari: 4360 Miles in Five Days: Photographer Troy Paiva, author of the critically acclaimed Lost America shares a memorable road trip through Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. (4/29/07)
29-Day Solo Road Trip:Tag along on Joseph Curtin's 11,626-mile round trip journey from Johnson City, New York, to Texas, California, Oregon, and a zig-zag through the Rocky Mountains before his return run home to New York. Joe's journal entries are both timeless and a record of his of-the-moment experiences - plus there are some awesome photographs. A very enjoyable road memoir. (9/18/05)

RV Travelers and RoadTrip Blogs: Jon Vermilye, who has contributed a number of stunning photographs and a report on Wi-Fi to RTA, has compiled a list of Web site travelogues and journals posted by RVers and other roadtrippers. What makes his list quite useful is that he updates the records regularly. A great resource for anyone seeking information about living and traveling on the road. (6/12/05)
Six Summers of Road Trips: Travel along with the Gaidus family as they explore the United States and Canada. This is the best travelogue site we have ever seen. It has excellent photos and descriptions of their roadtrip adventures. They have traveled cross country five times, covered 50,000 miles, and visited 48 states and 10 Canadian provinces. (3/27/05)
"CowBop" Hits the Road: In May, 2004, four country/jazz musicians left Chicago in "Clementine," a bright orange truck, on Route 66. Their mission was to travel the entire lengh of the Mother Road paying all expenses with income from gigs & CD sales. Their site includes photos, journal entries, and message board posts about their amazing adventure. On October 18, 2004, they're going to set out again, this time traveling along California's famous Gold Rush Trail. (10/17/04) (Link updated July 16, 2019)
Truly AWESOME National Park Photos: Join Jon & Carol Vermilye as they journey from New York to Yellowstone, Glacier, San Juan Islands, Olympic, Crater Lake, and Yosemite National Parks. (5/1/05)
Back Roads and Corvairs: Pat & Jennifer "The Road Mavens" Bremer's fascination with 2-lane highways and vintage Chevys come to life in this very entertaining site. There is extensive info about exploring historic Route 66. (6/13/04) (Updated July 16, 2019)
Eighteen-Month Solo Road Trip in USA, Australia, & New Zealand: Del Leu has created one of the most enjoyable road trip Web sites we've ever seen. Del documents his personal quest to learn about his ancestors with keen insight, humor, and over 4,100 photographs. Spend some time looking around the site—you'll be amazed! (5/30/04)
SW Travel Planner: In 1999, Dutch tourists Peggy de Jong & Maurice Moriën embarked on a 3-week road trip in the southwestern U.S. This site is a compilation of their experiences & includes some excellent information about the motels they stayed in, a list of their favorite road tunes, and a list of the Web links they used to plan their trip.
"The Best Pizza in the World": University of Nevada professor Howard Goldbaum reports on his recent road trip to New Haven, Connecticut. (3/14/04) (Link updated July 16, 2019)
Drive Around the World: An epic road trip in Land Rovers to raise funds for Parkinson's disease research. The team expects to cover 50,000 km in nine months. (3/8/04) (Link updated July 16, 2019)
RoadTrip Los Angeles: A virtual road trip from Ventura County to Los Angeles by Scott Kozel, a well known journalist from Baltimore.
Five Weeks—25 States: Bob Tabaddor's 2002 road trip has excellent daily logs with detailed expense information and colorful commentary.
Route 66 Summer Road Trip: Los Angeles to Amarillo with plenty of stops at famous hangouts like Oatman, Tucumcari, Santa Fe, and the Cadillac Ranch
Exploring Los Angeles with Huell Howser: A series of video clips of LA roadside attractions, including Union Station, "Little India," and the famous "Bridge to Nowhere." (Link updated July 16, 2019) The mission of Ron Bunge's new website is to be the one place to find online journals and travel adventures, and it just may well be the best collection of links to on-the-road wanderers. This site is an excellent place to find insider tips about living and working on the road.
Filmmaker on Wheels
John Holod drives over 50,000 miles a year giving over 140 lectures around the country from September to May. In the summer he makes films, most recently a travelogue about RVing in Alaska. Check out for info about his videos and appearances. In addition to Alaska, Holod has chronicled tours of Hawaii, Cuba and Czechoslovakia.


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