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    My 18 year old sister and I were thinking of what to do this coming summer. Neither one of us has ever gone on a road trip without parents and relatives and screaming babies, so we thought it would be an awesome idea. We live in Pittsburgh and have never been that much north of Pgh. We would like to go up into New England. Except we aren't really sure where. We are thinking that it would be nice to go for a week. That way it would be before we both return to our repective colleges for the school year, and after we worked all summer to pay for said colleges. Any ideas or reccomendations? Anything would be helpful. We'd like to do it on a pretty low budget. Maybe camping?


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    Default What are your interest?

    As with any roadtrip, your choices are as endless as what you find interesting.

    If you like nature, you could head up to Arcadia National Park in Maine or spend some time in Vermont's Green Mountain National Forest. If you're into cities, you could easily find a weeks worth of things to do around Boston, if you are both over 18 and want to spend the week partying, you could check out the nightlife in Montreal. Or you can spend some time doing all of those things.

    Camping is a great way to cut costs, so is buying food from grocery stores instead of restaurants.

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    Boston is a great place to start and end your trip from.

    In Boston, you can do all kinds of things;
    * Walk the freedom trail
    * Visit Fanieul (check spelling) Hall
    * Boston Aquarium
    * Red Sox Game (Even if you hate the Red Sox, go to the Stadium for a game. i am a huge Yankee Fan, but I love the Fenway Excitement)
    * Tons of Restauranuts and museums.

    OH.. you can also take the ferry to Nantucket. Nantucket is awesome!

    From there you can head to the beaches in Rhode Island or scoot over to Newport and visit the wharf area (again.. great food)

    If you go north, you can ride to Maine and tour the coastline.

    A little Northwest you can go to New Hampshire. (I love the Concord area)

    You can pick 1 state each day and can be most places within a 2 Hour Ride. every state has something great!

    So, in one trip you can visit 4 States. 6 States if you count driving through New York and Connecticut. On your way to Massachusettes you can go to Mohegan Sun or Foxwoods Casino in CT, but don't eat at the buffets, I think they suck. The restaurants are generally very good.

    Good luck!

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