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    Default los angeles to austin ASAP!

    i'm driving from los angeles to austin and need to get there as quickly as possible. any suggestions as to what route to take and where to stop for the night? i'm assuming it will take 2 days of driving with one overnight stop. is el paso a good place to stop? any suggestions on where to stay?


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    Default Fastest Route is I-10

    Quote Originally Posted by lokelani
    i'm driving from los angeles to austin and need to get there as quickly as possible.
    The fastest route is I-10 to US-290. This route is about 1380 miles and will require about 26 hours of sustained driving, so two days is a reasonable approach.

    El Paso is an interesting place to stop for the night -- but I would suggest Las Cruces might be more fun. Some great restuarants and beautiful mountains would make it my first choice. In fact, there is a place in Las Cruces, recommended by our road chow friend, Scott Sharot , that I would urge you to check out. Nopalito's Restaurant is located in a former Baptist Church on S. Mesquite and is very authentic Mexican fare.

    Have a fun trip and we look forward to your field report!


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    Default thanks!

    thanks for the advice- i'll try your suggestions!

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