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    Default Roadtrip from Los Angeles to Washington DC

    Does anyone have suggestions for this road trip?

    I did the SF to DC trip once through NV - UT - CO - WY etc...

    I am considering Los Angeles - Arizona - New Mexico - Texas - Lousiana - etc...

    Any advice!!!


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    Stanley Guest

    Default Roadtrip between DC&LA

    hey there, I am doing the same thing but opposite direction. haha... I will be driving from DC to LA starts the first weekend of July. I am planning the northern road (I-70) which will cross Utah, Colorado, Kansas.... I figue that road will give me more chances to visit the Canyons, and some of the major cities. I have never done anything like this before either. And I am going alone in my two seated Del Sol. What is your plan? You can reply to me at


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