My boyfriend, dog, and I are driving from Boston to Austin, leaving July 30.

I have the first half of our trip fairly well planned. We are driving to Gettysburg (both of us really want to go), then onto Virginia, where we will take the skyline drive to the Blue Ridge Parkway to Roanoke. We'll drop off the BRP in Roanake and drive straight to Nashville, then onto Memphis. The plan is to stay 1 night at most destinations, but I think we'll spend 2 in a couple of places where we are really interested in staying. From Memphis, we're onto Hot Springs and then to Austin.

My major question is does anyone have suggestions on where to stop between hot springs and Austin? I don't know that part of the country at ALL, so I could really use some advice.

I was originally going to drive from Memphis to Natchidoches to Austin, but that seemed a bit out of the way. We'll have to do Natchidoches some other time.

Anyway, any advice, help, places to avoid, good places to stay with a dog, etc. would be much appreciated!!!

Thanks, really like the site.