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  1. Default not working?

    In the past I really liked using for road trips, as it allowed me generate a route and print out a listing of restaurants and hotels at each exit along the way. (This is great when you're in the car and trying to decide when to stop for dinner. With a list like this, you can say "I'll drive 10 more miles to go to the Cracker Barrel (or whatever)"

    Sadly, the website seems broken. No matter what I put in for start and end points, it will not generate a route.

    Is this happening for anyone else?

    Are there any other online sites that will do something similar? I found, but it will only provide hotels at each exit, not restaurants.

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    Default not just you

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I've never used that specific site before, but I did just go check it out and found the same problem you did.

    RTA is developing a similar program, but its not up and running just yet. I know I've seen other sites that claim to have similar features, but honestly, I find all of them to do such a poor job that I couldn't give a recommendation. Generally I find that its not worth my time to use these sort of sites. Put simply, there are so many restaruants/hotels/etc that its nearly impossible to put all of that data into a comprehensive program, so the few things that do pop up are often just the biggest most common chains - where you'll find them at nearly every exit.

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    Default Biting the dust?

    We don't know what happened to them -- I'd sure like to get access to their database....

    I'll keep looking.


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