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    Default Working on the road...

    As you may have read in a previous thread, four of us are leaving the DC area March 1st for an extended road trip that is ultimately going to lead to a relocation. We are interested in finding ways to make money while we are on the road. We will have high speed internet via satellite and cell phones available. Where should we look? I have checked out a ton of work from home sites, but they all look like scams. We don't need to make much money, but a little extra cash would be nice. Thanks in advance.

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    Have you tried registering with regular or temporary employment agencies?

    I'd bet that they'd be the ones with access to the information you're looking for. Most agencies (particularly established ones like Ranstad and Adecco) research their 'employer' clients just as vigorously as their 'employee' clients. This will ensure 'scam-free' work.

    Hope this was helpful.

    Good luck and safe driving.


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    Default Have you look at this site?

    Information for working on the road is one of our specialties at RTA. If they are recommended on this site -- it is good bet they are not "scammy" -- Check out

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    Default Labor Ready

    One temporary employment agency I would recommend is "Labor Ready". I'm not sure if they have a web site, but you can look up there locations on something like With them, you show up early in the morning, and they assign you to a job just for the day at a construction site, hotel, etc., with pay of about $7.50/hour. It's not a whole lot, but if the four of you did that every once in a while you'd get about $200/day total for gas money or whatever you need. And they don't expect you to show up again- you just show up at whatever location you're near, whenever you want to, and if they have work (which they always have for me), they give it to you. I've used them in Philadelphia, a smaller town in Pennsylvania, and in San Diego.

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