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    Recently, Metricom has announced 128 kbps service in selected cities using its wireless USB modem ( You work through one of their business partners in your area. I am in Walnut Creek, CA (east SF bay area) and Metricom has rolled out its coverage for this area. However, at my particular address, my coverage status is:

    "Available while under construction. Coverage is available; however, while the network is being optimized, you can expect to experience slower than 128 kbps speeds."

    My actual speeds have been unacceptable (even when I have tried it at an address that has full coverage). Speeds has been as slow as 14 kbps and never about 60 kbps - more commonly around mid 20's. Also, signal drops too often and at times you cannot reconnect immediately. This service provides me little or no improvement over standard phone line dialup from a performance perspective. Wireless, mobile access at roughly 28 kpbs speed does not help my situation but "dashboarders" may find some value in this. I need high speed bandwidth (no DSL or cable modem offered in my area). Sending my Richocet back next week.

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    Default Got have the clean view to the tower

    At Comdex I spoke with an executive with a video streaming company, based in San Francisco, that has great connection service with his laptop at a java joint near the airport. In your case, you might want to find out how far away from your work location the nearest Richochet repeater tower is. If more than 3 miles -- you are really pushing the envelope of the technology window.

    Like the StarBand service (above) we are very interested in evesdropping with your conversation with the Richochet folks.


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