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  1. Default Ft Lauderale to Boston first week of march

    We are relocating to boston, and decided to do it via road. Following is our planned schedule starting from March 1:,45.878906&z=5

    I'd be very grateful if someone can answer the following questions:

    1. How is the weather along the road? I know it's highly unpredictable, but just wanted to know if the roads "usually" get icy during this time? The reason I ask is that we own a RWD car, and slightly worried if its a good idea to drive during March. Any one having experience driving a RWD during wintry conditions please feel free to share your experiences/opinions/thoughts.

    2. Any other places that we would want to add to our list? I have currently alloted 5 days to the trip, but can make it 6 if needed.

    Thanks very much in advance for the input.

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    Default I wouldn't be concerned at this point

    Hello shanya,

    It's too soon for even a long-range forecast. The I-95 corridor from, say, Washington DC all the way to Boston is one of the most heavily-traveled corridors in the US. While it's possible for snowfall to accumulate during heavy weather events, it's going to be plowed/salted/sanded very quickly.

    I've driven many a mile in snow in 2 wheel drive rear wheel drive vehicles. If you have decent radial tires, you should be fine, unless you simply must push into the teeth of a major storm, but:

    Since you have 5-6 days to work with, you can have a close-up look at conditions as you prepare to depart. If it's looking like a major event is unfolding up there, you can skip the coastal touring leg and get right on up there in just 3 days, or possibly run hard to the "edge" of the bad stuff, then wait it out for a day or two.

    Have a safe trip!


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