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    Default Boston to Oregon in mid-March, rt. 80? Snow/Ice/Safe?

    My family will be moving in 3 vehicles this March. We are shipping all our belongings in a POD so we can just drive our cars-- a caravan, toyota and honda. No 4-wheel drive. Is rt. 80 OK in mid-March? Just a little apprehensive with snow/ice/rocky mountains/etc.. Any advice? We figure about 8-10 days from Boston to Portland. I've now read MANY, MANY threads but I'm still confused about the conditions of the route in mid- March. I know there may be snow but is it more severe than in Jan/Feb? Is March a more manageable driving time?
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    I-80 is an all-weather route, and while it is subject to storms at any time during fall, winter and spring months, it doesn't stay closed for long when they do occur. January and February are likely to be the worst months, weather-wise, but even then, hundreds of thousands of travelers each week use this route.

    I'd plan the trip, and watch the weather close to the time of your departure. Within a few days of the trip, start paying attention to the weather reports and check out the resources on road conditions available to you here (just follow the link). Then plan to be flexible in routing if bad weather does happen.

    Don't worry about this a whole lot -- chances are excellent the road will be clear! Bob

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    Thanks for the info. Bob! I do appreciate it. Along the I-80, are there any notorious spots/ what states get the most snow/ice? It looks like we'll be on I-90 til we get to I-80. Aside from chains and the obviuos stuff, is there anything else I should do or know about this route? You guys are great, so very helpful.

  4. Default I-80

    You can run into a storm anywhere on the route -- but most closures I've encountered on the route are typically in Nebraska/Wyoming on the Great Plains portion (from blizzards, high winds and drifting snow). You also have some serious mountain portions just east of Salt Lake City on the descent into the city and again in the Truckee/Donner Pass area west of Reno. You can miss both of those by using the US30 route from western Wyoming to get to I-84 in Idaho, then on into Oregon on that via Boise. Bob

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    Great tips, again- thank you. I'm sure to have more questions as we get closer!

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