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  1. Default Three week trip in SW in March

    I am planning a three week trip in March. The only must see is the Grand Canyon, which should be ok weatherwise then. Is there a good loop one could do that would start in NM or AZ and include the best of that region that would be doable at that time of year? I'd like to do some hiking, no just look out the car window. Any ideas? Thanks.

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    The weather will still be a bit of a factor at this time of year. The South Rim of the Grand Canyon should be in good shape, but the North Rim will still be closed.

    There are lots of options here. After the grand canyon you could head for Monument Valley and over to Mesa Verde (although there may still be some weather closures here), you could even keep going to Sand Dunes before heading back down through Taos, Santa Fe, and Albq.

    With 3 weeks, you'd also have more time to explore the many national parks of Utah, like Bryce, Zion, and Arches - all of which have plenty of good hiking opportunites.

  3. Default but will it be too cold!

    Thanks for the suggestions!

    The average temps for early March in southern Utah seem to be just above freezing. I was hoping it would be slightly balmier than that. Maybe see the Grand Canyon and then drive up the California coast? I don't have a really fixed idea, mainly I am just looking for something cool and fun that would fit with the time of year.

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    Default How about ?

    but will it be too cold!
    Well it might be chilly if your camping ! Pack some nice layered clothing for warmth and you should be O.K. I only say "should" as some people have no tolerance of cold, Lol.

    You will have loads to see and do and there will be no shortage of hiking opportunity's.

    If you want to drive the Californian coast then how about Vegas as a start/ finish point, there is certainly no shortage of fun there. It's a good starting point for Zion [great for hiking], Bryce, Lake Powell, M/V, and Grand canyon. You could head across to L/A through Mojave N.P or Joshua tree park before heading up the coast to San Fran. Head across to Yosemite and Sequoia [the Tioga pass that crosses the Sierra's will still be closed] and back to Vegas via Death valley.

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