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    Default Boston to Santa Maria- next week!

    My friend is moving to Santa Maria and we are driving her out next week. We want to visit a friend in Nashville-- any advice on the best way route from Boston to Nashville? And then we want to get from Nashville to Sante Fe-- do you know of a route that will help us avoid skyrocketed gas prices in Texas?
    We've never driven cross-country, so any other tips on weather, routes would be welcome. Thanks!!

  2. Default Nashville to Santa Fe

    I live in the west, and while gas prices are still high, I haven't seen too much increase yet because of the last storm in Texas. Right now in the Phoenix area, gas is running 2.85 to 2.95 in most stations for unleaded regular. You can keep an eye on the prices nationwide by using RTA's fuel calculator tool.

    Personally, I'd jump on I-40 and stay on it all the way to US285 at CLines Corners NM. If you'd like to see a little bit of the "off the path" part of ancient New Mexico, an alternative is to take SR3 from I-40 up to I-25 through Villanueva, and then I-25 into the Santa Fe area.


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