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    My friend is thinking about doing a week long road trip somewhere along the east, starting out in Asheville, North Carolina and ending in Fort Wayne, Indiana...but thinking about including New York City in the mix (or the reverse directions depending on whether he starts in Asheville on the 27th of July, or ends there on that day). It's probably just going to be him and another one of his guy friends if he actually does it.

    This one's a little farther off, but I figured I'd start coming up with the general ideas so we can work up to it by then. My sister and I are thinking about tackling a week long road trip between our two birthdays in 2010 (sounds so far off, but it's only 2 years!!). We're both going to be turning 21 and 25 on July 7th and 15th and were thinking about the traveling being between, with some on both the days. We would probably start out in Ohio, about an hour north of Columbus. We're aiming for the more western side of the country, considering neither of us hvae been out there, at least very long and done very much. I was curious of what some fun things are to do, and which suggest routes to take to do some of them. She may enjoy it if some kind of Vegas run is inculded in there...she's kinda become addicted to the idea thanks to CSI *snicker* Any good ideas?



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    Welcome to the Roadtrip America forums!

    I'm unclear on what kind of help you want for your friend's roadtrip. Could you be more specific?

    For your birthday roadtrip in 2010, do you want us to tell you where to go? That's really outside the scope of the type of advice we can really give you. The right trip for you depends on what you want to see and what interests you. However, if you would like to share with us more specific information about the types of things you want to see and do, we could probably offer some suggestions.

    One of the easiest and best ways to get started is to get a good atlas and simply look it over, seeing what kind of national/state parks, cities, and other things are shown on the map. Quite often, this is enough to give you a good idea of some specific things along the way and give you a rough guide to what your preferred route should be. Your sister should do this, too, as both of you should be involved in the planning.

    This article has some good tips on how to go about planning your trip.

    After playing with paper maps, you might want to play with some of the online planning tools available. These reviews might help you determine which one you would prefer to use. One not mentioned there that is quite helpful is GoogleMap.

    We generally recommend that people plan to drive 500-550 miles per day on days that they don't plan on stopping much. But if you want to stop and play a bit more along the way each day, you should probably keep your miles closer to 350 miles each day.

    You might scroll through "cool places to explore", "scenic drives", "destinations and attractions", and "routes and itineraries" for just a few more resources on this website with some fascinating information. Even though of us who frequent RTA find ourselves amazed with the amount of information and resources on this website.

    Anyway, once you've done some of this preliminary work, you might come back here with more specific ideas and questions and we'll advise you as best we can.

    Happy planning and let us know more specifically what information you need from us to help you plan a fantastic vacation!

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