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    Default Writing about road trips

    I am a journalism major at Kent State University in Kent, OH, and I'm writing an article about road trips. I would like to get some personal experiences and other general information from people who have taken road trips. I would also like to talk to people who are planning road trips. Please either respond here or e-mail me. Thanks!

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    Default Virtual RoadTrippin'

    There are some links on this site that might prove helpful to your quest:


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    Default roadtrip writeups

    Hi Shana - We've got several writeups from our trips on <a herf=""></a>. In the last four years, we've been to 48 states; in August, we're heading up to Alaska for a three-week trip. We've been plannning this one for over a year and a half already.

    Our philosophy tends to be a little different from most roadtrippers. While they like to hit the road and take their time, seeking out the new and interesting, most of our trips have been geared toward covering as much ground in as little time as possible. Our excuse? This way, we know right away which places we have to explore better, and which we never have to visit again.

    You can get me by day at, or after work at, if you'd like.

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    Well in early Mar I took my Mother from W Central Indiana to St. Cloud Fla. Our trip really consisted of the drive down and back and one day in St. Cloud-Kissimmee Fla.
    My Mom is now 70 and had not been to Fla in about three years. When my Grandmother (Mom's mother) lived in St. Cloud, my Mom would come down 2-4 times a year.
    For us the trip down is a trip to Grandma's house. Of course Grandma is gone now, but we have been going to Fla so long that we are almost personal friends with the road.
    Then in mid Mar my wife and I travelled to Baltimore to pick up a Chevy Blazer that we bought on E-bay. We rented a car from Hertz that had a GPS that we played with all the over and back. The snow in the mountains of Md was REALLY fun!!
    Now next week the wife and I are headed to Lakeland, Fla to enjoy about 5,000 airplanes at the annual Sun-N-Fun flyin.
    Hopefully this is what you had in mind?

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