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    Hey guys. I am still saving up for a massive cross-country road trip, but have found myself indulging in short, but very cool road trips around my home state to keep me sane. Highways 7 and 9 are both great trips and I have made several different variations of them. (Little Italy in Arkansas is very little indeed. I only seen two italian names on mailboxes on my way through!).

    My next trip, tommorrow, is the Talimena Scenic drive between arkansas and oklahoma. Ive read a few things, so I gots to go. Has anyone else driven it or heard anything about it?

    I am amazed at how enjoyable these short "jaunts" are. There is just so much to see and do around where i live. Arkansas even had a short road trip printed in National Geographic Traveler recently! I am begining to feel a little overwhelmed at my plans to try to road trip the entire country!

    Anyways Happy Travels,

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    Default The "secret" of 20 Hour Roadtrips

    Quote Originally Posted by Kevin of Bauxite View Post
    I am amazed at how enjoyable these short "jaunts" are
    Some of the best roadtrips I have taken were limited to 20 hours in duration. Great to hear about the Arkansas trips. Arkansas is a very cool state to go exploring in. Here are some thoughts about those "secret" 20-hour roadtrips.


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    Default Where in Arkansas are you?

    I'm right outside of Shreveport, so in other words the dead middle of the Ark-La-Tex. I'm sorry to say that my travel knowledge of Arkansas is pretty much nil. But - I am pondering going up to Queen Wilhelmina State Park sometime in November for a weekend. Do you know anything about it?

    Also - please report back about your jaunts in Arkansas. I'm the queen of the 8 hour Saturday, "must exit the general area of Shreveport before I go nuts", roadtrips.

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