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    We're a group of guys who would like to ride across the USA, but we're not sure where to go for the best deals on hiring motorbikes (preferably Harleys!)

    Can anyone advise on the mileage and how we go about planning this sort of thing. We're from the UK, so could fly to any city

    Any help would be much appreciated


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    Default Some resources to get you started

    Quote Originally Posted by rallyjim
    We're a group of guys who would like to ride across the USA, but we're not sure where to go for the best deals on hiring motorbikes (preferably Harleys!)
    Is there any other kind of bike!!!! Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum! For starters, I would look at the Pashnit site, on the cover it is only for California routes, but the owner of the Pashnit (Tim) is an accomplished rider and a member of this Forum and I am sure he will have some ideas for you.

    Also look at this page, for some general motorcycle links and this page for International visitor ideas.


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    Jim - you might first pick where you are going to be based from. Are you flying into San Francisco, LA or New York. Once you have that down, then you can start planning. Anywhere is good, there's so much to see and do in the US. Just this weekend headed out on a lil 1200 mile ride over to Sequoia National Park to shoot photography of the roads.

    Since you mention Harleys- The largest franchise for rental harleys in the US is . Good folks and out here in Cali they have locations in Reno, San Fran, & many other outlets per their website.
    If you want additional resources on where to rent a bike in CA (that is if you decide to fly into CA), then there is a compiled list of all the rental facilities in CA on here:

    The pashnit site btw is a massive site all about travel in CA with hundreds and hundreds of pages of text on all the roads out here. Also, on the main page: & scroll down, there is a handy listing of all the other sites from Arizona to Wisconsin in the US that focus heavily on motorcycle orientated roads and motorcycle travel planning in various states.

    Also, this forum and also the pashnit forum are highly specific to travel planning if you'd like to use those as tools in your research.

    Let us know where you are going to be based from. Eagle Rider btw may be your only option for one-way rentals.
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