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    I'm 6'9" tall and finding a car I can drive comfortably for a reasonable period of time is quite challenging and doesn't seem to depend on the external size of the car. Since I live in the UK I'm not familiar with American cars; any suggestions as to common hire car brands that are particularly spacious (for the driver) would be great. Also, if you know of anything about the standard cars available from different companies that would be handy. There's only 2 of us, so we don't need the space other than for leg room but am happy to pay for a luxury level vehicle if it will give us a more comfortable journey.

    This is for a journey from Phoenix to San Fran.

    Some example vehicles I've seen advertised are:

    - Chrysler 300
    - Buick Lucerne
    - Pontiac Grand Prix
    - Cadillac DTS

    Any thoughts on any of these?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Quote Originally Posted by kwai
    I'm 6'9" tall and finding a car I can drive comfortably for a reasonable period of time is quite challenging and doesn't seem to depend on the external size of the car.
    Ben, I would suggest consider renting a SUV -- because leg-room is more guranteed. All of the vehicles you have listed, are possible -- but what I would suggest is going online at each of the manufacturers and seeing what the information about what the extent of driver's side seat travel is.

    Once you know what car model would work the best, you can speak with the car rental firms. Most won't "officially" guarantee a model -- but, in practice, they will accomodate special requests. The firm i prefer is National -- nearly all new fleet and excellent maintenance.


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    When looking for a car to buy over here I found the manufacturers specs to be worse than useless in establishing the best legroom / headroom. In the end I just wandered the showrooms and measured the distance from seat back to pedals. (Incidentally it turns out that the current Vauxhall Vectra is about the largest; it measured 45", where most other family cars were 41" and the luxury ones around 42"). It tends to be dependent on the way the seat base tilts (assuming it does); this adds a few inches to the legroom and helps support the thighs.

    I've driven a Grand Cherokee before, which wasn't bad, but my wife doesn't want to have to climb in and out of the car (she's pregnant).


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    Unless the newer Grand Prix have gotten bigger, I've always found them to be quite small and tight inside. And I'm not even all that tall.

    I have a friend with a Chrysler 300 who is about 6'3" or maybe a little more. When I've ridden with him, it looks like he's got tons of room to me. I know he likes the car as he's planning on trading his current one in on a new Chrysler 300.

    I'm not familiar with the other cars. Sorry I'm not much help here.

    You might do a websearch for forums for owners of these cars. Quite a few cars have these types of on-line "car clubs". Maybe you can even find links to such on-line clubs at the manufacturer's websites? Maybe you can ask questions about space from current owners at them? Also, (I believe that's the website, search Edmund's if it's not right) is a place where people discuss cars in general. You might get answers to your questions there.

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    Thanks, Judy

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