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    imported_Amy Guest

    Default Mustang for hire? A query from the UK

    Hello Roadtrippers

    What an excellent site! Thank you Google...

    I am coming to San Francisco for a fortnight in late March with my sweetie, and we're planning to drive down Highway 1.

    I have loved Mustangs since I was a little girl. My Dad taught in Ohio during the late 60s and brought one back with him to the UK. I have been obsessed ever since - pity Mum made him sell it when my sis came along...

    Anyway, what I'm wondering is if there is anywhere in SF or the Bay Area where I can hire a vintage Mustang? Preferably a 67/68 convertible.

    Money is no object as sadly my Daddy died last year and I figure he'd approve of me spending a bit of my inheritance on such a noble pursuit.

    Any help you fine people can give me would be massively appreciated.

    Thanking you in advance,
    Amy xxx

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    Sue Mayer Guest


    Budget car rental rents the new convertible Mustang, which may be an excellent alternative for the coast.

    Most vintage rentals dont rent Mustangs particularly.

    Hope you have a wonderful trip. The coast is unforgettable.

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    imported_Amy Guest


    Thank you Sue. I have been checking out recent Mustangs and will go for one if push comes to shove, but somehow it's not the same...

    I was last in CA in 1990 (not old enough to drink!) and I can't wait to go back. My sweetie is a diamond and the prospect of sharing the coast with him sets me on fire. It's got to be one of the most romantic places in the world.

    Thanks again lady x

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    Default Mustang

    I personally don't know where you could get one, but if money is no object I'm sure you'll find a place. And definitely go vintage, it's a way cool ride. Good luck.

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    imported_David Guest


    If money is no object - Just buy one here and take it home with you. You would have your vacation car and a unique souvenir to take home:

    Got this ad online and there are many others out there:

    1966 Ford Mustang Convertible Asking: $15,000 Color:Vintage Burgundy Engine:V8 Transmission:manual four speed
    Black interior, aftermarket seats with headrests, 3 point seat belts, MSD ignition/distributior, new T-5 tranny, new nine inch rear end, Torque thrust II mags, Mustang Plus suspension upgrades, Hooker headers, Flowmaster exhaust Bay Area

    (Editor's note: Posting of seller's contact information exceeds the scope and focus of the RoadTrip Forum)

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    imported_John Guest


    There are a number of places that rent new Corvettes. Taking a convertible 'vette down hiway 1 would be a nice experience.

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