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  1. Default New York to Miami road trip

    Hello from Australia,

    My wife and I are planning a trip from New York to Miami April next year. We will have about 28 days to drive the distance. Our tentative planning includes the Skyline Drive and Blue Ridge Pwy from Front Royal VA as far as Asheville NC. We now find we may not have time for the whole section, with everything else we want to see. My question is are both worth driving or is one or the other enough to cover the scenery etc involved.
    Any advice?


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    Default Skyline Drive is in a NP

    Since Skyline is within Shenandoah NP, we chose to do that section only, this past summer. It took us 5 hours to go from the southern entrance of Skyline Dr/Shenandoah (near Staunton, VA) to Front Royal. We stopped at quite a few viewpoints in the southern section, but very few after Big Meadows due to time constraints. It was a beautiful drive and I'd do it again if I could!

    The National Park website tells you that it's 3 hours to do the 105 miles ... well, that's if you don't stop. The speed limit is 35 in the park and the road gives you a good reason why.


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    Default On a clear day....

    Hi Ian, and Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum.

    Both Skyline Drive and the Blue Ridge Parkway are worth driving. As already mentioned, the going is slow... very slow. However, I have driven sections of it on three occasions, and each time the views were limited by fog. You have to be sure you get a clear day and then ... you can see forever! But on one occasion I was barely able to see the lines on the road.

    If you only have time to drive some of it, I would be heading for that area by Front Royal (a neat little town) and/or the southern area from Ashville into the Great Smokey Mountains NP, which is also worth a visit. But do allow hours for either section. On a clear day the views are great and there is wildlife to be seen. I have come across native turkeys and deer.

    As a matter of curiosity, where is the rest of your trip taking you?

    Lifey in Melbourne

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    Default April in the High Country

    Hello Ian,

    I applaud your interest in the SD and the BRP. They're beautiful places to visit.

    You should be aware that you're contemplating a visit at the tail end of Winter at high elevations, and the earliest part of Spring at more moderate elevations. The section of the BRP from about Blowing Rock, NC on to the southern end, beyond Asheville, holds the highest elevations and includes access to Mount Mitchell, the highest peak in the Eastern US. You'll see some slightly greening trees below you at the lookouts, but pretty much everything at the BRP elevation and above will be in Winter dress (bare deciduous trees and a sprinkling of evergreens). You may even run into some snow or sleet on occasion, particularly in the early part of April.

    Have fun with the planning and the Road Trip!


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    Hi Lifey, our basic plan is to leave NY on 1st April and head for Washington DC via Philly, Kitty Hawk and Williamsburg. Then across to Skyline drive, down to Asheville, out to Charleston, Savannah, back to Atlanta and Chattanooga (friends to visit), Nashville and down into Florida arriving 27th to board a Panama canal cruise on the 28th. We have previously driven most of Florida so don't plan to spend much time there.

    Seems from Foy's reply, we may be a bit early for the southern end of Blue Ridge Parkway.

    Any advice gladly received.

    Ian Bribie Island Qld.

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    Thanks for your replies, it seems from Foy's and Donna's advice, we would be better sticking to Skyline Drive as it will be early April. Not to keen on snow and ice, although we did drive up to Crater Lake OR in November a couple of years ago.
    Thanks again


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    Oh boy! You are zigzagging all over the place. You sure there is not a more efficient route?

    Quote Originally Posted by idmonty View Post
    Seems from Foy's reply, we may be a bit early for the southern end of Blue Ridge Parkway.
    Yeah! well, he is a little closer... and more familiar with each season.

    Quote Originally Posted by idmonty View Post
    Ian Bribie Island Qld.
    Bribie Island? You better take your long johns... you'll freeze.


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    Hi Lifey, yes there probably is a more efficient route but we are after the scenic route. Isn't that what road trips are all about.
    Thanks to all for your advice.

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