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UPDATE: DECEMBER 2022:  The following articles were written and published between January 14, 1999 and October 24, 2008 and almost all of them contain links that no longer work—either the companies described or the products are no longer in business, or the servers have changed, or the people are no longer alive.  However, we have retained these articles for the historic value of this nine year period at the dawn of the Internet—RTA Management Group.


Columns by Mark Sedenquist & Guest Contributors
October 24, 2008
How to Choose and Mount a CB Radio Antenna
The most critical component of any CB installation is the CB antenna. It's what allows your radio to send and receive signals so you can communicate on the road. So it's important to understand the different types of antennas and the available mounting options. Andrew Youderian tells you what you need to know.
September 26, 2008
How to Pick a CB Radio
So you're browsing through a number of CB radios online thinking, "Bells on this one, whistles on that one. How in the world do I choose?" Relax. You may be surprised to learn that every one of those radios has exactly the same transmission potential; the rest is just sorting out the options. Andrew Youderian lends a hand.
September 5, 2008
CB Radios: The Ideal Traveling Companion
Extremely popular in the 1970s, CB radios have since slipped from the spotlight and are now regarded by many as antiquated. Nothing could be further from the truth. Despite the emergence and affordability of other high-tech electronics, the classic CB radio remains one of the most useful tools available to travelers wishing to explore America's roadways. Andrew Youderian discusses a number of reasons why you'll want a CB while on the road.
January 18, 2008
Wi-Fi on the Highway: Rest Stops Go High-Tech

Shhhh! Don't tell his editor, but columnist Aaron Reed is finding that "downtime," even when on the road, is quickly becoming a thing of the past. In this story he describes a Texas highway safety initiative that allows travelers to access the Internet for free at stops between major population centers.
November 5, 2006
How to Choose a GPS System
John Booth of explains how to choose the right GPS navigation system for your road trip needs
May 21, 2006
Secrets of Wi-Fi Email
Del Albright reveals how to configure email clients to work with Wi-Fi services on a roll.
August 14, 2005
How to Choose a Power Inverter
Chad Whitney of explains the different kinds of inverters available and how to select the right one to suit your dashboarding needs
June 20, 2004
Wi-Fi Field Report
Jon Vermilye updates his Web site while traveling in the summer of 2004 and reports on Wi-Fi access in locations across the U.S.
April 18, 2004
DataStorm: New Age of Mobile Connectivity
Bill Adams, owner of Intenet Anywhere US, reports on the current capabilities and features of 2-way satellite Internet service
March 8, 2004
GeoSentry PT-100
GeoSentry's amazing new product for tracking individuals, vehicles, shipping containers, rental cars, and just about anything else on the move...
January 25, 2004
Datastorm Field Report
Guest contributor Ron Bunge reports on installation and real-world performance of high-speed mobile satellite Internet access
September 28, 2003
Gear Bags Designed With Dashboarders in Mind
RoadWired's well-designed products lead the pack
February 17, 2003—
RoadTrip and a Movie
Netflix and Other DVD Rental Services
January 13 , 2003—
Dashboarding in the New Millennium
New gadgets for roadtrippers from the Consumer Electronics Show
March 18, 2002—
Road Trippin' with Otis
Audible Otis and give dashboarders a host of new options

March 11 , 2002—
GoToMyPc: It Really Works, Even Under Less Than Optimal Conditions!

The RoadWirer tests GoToMyPC with a correspondent in Canada using two dial-up connections

February 4, 2002—
Leave Your Laptop Behind!

The Road Wirer reviews GoToMyPC, a new service with great promise for dashboarders
February 4, 2002—
Gear and Gadget Bags for Dashboarders
New designs from RoadWired offer the best in functionality and style

January 21, 2002—
Where Is That %$#@%## Tornado?

News About Safety Warning Systems for Road and Weather Hazards
January 7, 2002—
Hot Dashboarding News!
MotoSat, DataStorm, & WhizWireless offer tantalizing new possibilities
November 12, 2001—
Two-Way Broadband Internet
Is genuine, high-speed mobile Internet access finally here?
November 5 , 2001—
SEMA 2001
Breaking news for anyone interested in mobile office solutions (Dashboarders!)
February 27, 2001—
Coming Soon to an Airport Near You...
Bluetooth technology promises possible interim solutions for Dashboarders
February 19, 2001—
Blue Teeth in your car?
Progress report on wireless LANs
January 15, 2001—
PDAs and Electronic Books
More new devices from the Consumer Electronics Show
January 8, 2001—
Your Bagel Toaster is Now Online...
News for Dashboarders from the Consumer Electronics Show!
December 18, 2000—
Virtual Reality Offices
Some of the best things at Comdex were out in the parking lot...
November 6, 2000—
Computing on a Roll
The latest in-vehicle equipment!
October 30, 2000—
Nothing Simple About Wireless Connectivity Solutions!
The Road Wirer offers practical suggestions to a Dashboarder with professional requirements
October 23, 2000—
New Perspectives on "The Wireless Web"
Couterproductive ad campaigns are obscuring genuine progress...
August 21, 2000—
Dashboarding With Globalstar!
The Road Wirer takes the new GSP-1600 Portable Satellite phone on the road
August 14, 2000—
Anything New Up There?
A The Road Wirer's take on the latest wireless "news"
July 17, 2000—
Give Me Performance, Not Gizmos!
A review of VirginConnect's new "Internet appliance"
June 12, 2000—
You Don't Have To Wait For That Bus (At Least Not In The Rain!)
Innovative uses for GPS technology
June 5, 2000—
Nationwide Digital Cellular Service Plans: Some Lessons Learned
The nitty-gritty on "one-rate" plans
May 29, 2000—
IRL: Virtual Private Networks
More trails on the wireless frontier...
May 24, 2000—
What once was old is new again...
Accurate GPS for ordinary mortals!
May 15, 2000—
Checking the "Pulse" at Networld+Interop2000
News from the largest networking conference on the planet!
March 13, 2000—
"MobileDoc" & Dashboarding Insurance Adjusters
More news from the CTIA Conference in New Orleans
March 10, 2000—
Dashboarding on Bourbon Street
The RoadWirer returns from the CTIA Conference in New Orleans with the latest news from the Wireless frontier
January 24, 2000—
Bridging the Smaller Gaps
A look at Bluetooth technology and how it might solve some basic challenges for Dashboarding professionals
January 17, 2000—
The Road to Dynamic Space
The RoadWirer continues his ruminations on the blizzard of innovations unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas
January 10, 2000—
Wireless Rat Traps!?
The RoadWirer, fresh off the endless floors of the Consumer Electronics Show examines the latest gadgets, gizmos, and (sigh) "vaporware"
December 13, 1999—
Plenty of Bells and Whistles, but Not Many Desks...
The RoadWirer reports on all the latest RV innovations on display at the RVIA trade show in Louisville, Kentucky
November 22, 1999—
A Wireless Thanksgiving?
It's still too soon to throw away that modem cable, but at least there are more places out there to plug it in...
September 20, 1999—
"The Truth About PING"
There's nothing new under the sun, especially when it comes to Internet jargon...
September 13, 1999—
"Bridging the Gap Between Hype & Reality"
While GlobalStar and Ricochet linger on the horizon, here's a nuts-and-bolts report from the dashboard about PocketMail
June 14, 1999—
"HAMming It Up"
Amateur radio in lieu of cellular? Also, another look at PocketMail and MailStation
April 19, 1999—
"Firestone & Bassman"
No, not a new Le Carre novel, just more trailblazing on the wireless frontier!
March 15, 1999—
Beyond the Ides of March
Great new links as fact, fad and fancy about wireless technology continue to explode on the World Wide Web
March 8, 1999—
A Huge Success?
E-mail on the fly, and never miss a message, even with no laptop in sight!
March 1, 1999—
Not Reinventing the Wheel (At Least This Week)
C|Net's wireless resource section and his hunt for a 5Db cellular antenna
February 22, 1999—
My View from a Parachute
A look at offerings from BlackBerry, Itronix, the CTIA trade show, and more
February 15, 1999—
News From New Orleans
Hot off the floor from the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association trade show-- and some great links!
February 8, 1999—
The Search Continues...
The Road Wirer reviews the six classifications of wireless service now available
February 1, 1999—
The Way This Groundhog Sees It
The Road Wirer takes a look at PocketMail, a new wireless gadget from Pocket Science
January 24, 1999—
Internet on a Roll
A look at low-tech solutions to the Dashboarder's dilemma