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Outfitting a Dashboarding Vehicle


Locating the required talent and identifying the best equipment and technology to create your perfect dashboarding vehicle is a daunting and confusing task. This section showcases examples we have found of equipment and companies that you can use to create your own vision of being wired and rolling.

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Travel Gadgets and Equipment

Vehicle Conversions and Mobile Desks

CB Radios, GPS, & Radio Scanners

Resources for Laptop Computer Users

Travel Gadgets & Equipment Great resource for renting DVD players, GPS navigation systems, game players, and other travel electronics for your road trip (11/5/06)
Airport Travel Pouch: If you have to fly, this specalized neck pouch holds boarding passes and ID for quick access at security checkpoints.
Vehicle Conversions and Mobile Desks
Interactive Products—Custom Mobile Offices: This firm installs fully integrated mobile office solutions. Be sure & check out their information about air-bag safety issues for vehicle installations.
Mobile Desk Accessories
Jim Mast's VanCamper 5317 Lillian St. Houston, TX 77007
Class C ("Roadhouse" model)
Class B (Possible Dashboarding vehicle prototype known as the "Sprinter"
Photos and write-up of concept dashboarding rigs
CB Radios, GPS, & Radio Scanners
How to Tune a CB Radio Antenna by Andrew Youderian (11/21/08)
How to Pick a CB Radio by Andrew Youderian (9/26/08)
How to choose and Mount a CB Radio Antenna by Andew Youderian (10/24/08)
Right Channel CB Radios: This online store specializes in CB equipment for vehicles. They have custom kits for installing radios on Jeeps, 18-wheeler trucks and RVs, and they can provide expert advice for choosing the right gear for your road trip ride. (10/10/08)
How to Choose the Right GPS Navigation System for Your Road Trip Needs: Article by John Booth of explains what features are available and how to rent before buying (11/5/06)
Comparisons of GPS Receivers: Jonathan Melby's Web site features comparisons of the various types of GPS receivers and explanations about the types of services that work best for roadtrippers. The articles seem accurate and should be very useful for anyone considering purchasing a GPS for use in a car. (03/12/06)
GPS Equipment Reviews: Jay Snively has created a very useful site for evaluating GPS equipment, and he also has the most complete index of both online and printed maps we have ever seen. Be sure to check out the "Cool Map Tools" section of his site. (11/6/05)
GPS Routes: This site provides links to free GPS routes for touring by bicycle and motorcycle, but they also sell comprehensive routing information for off-highway adventure travel. We haven't used their products (yet), but their site seems very complete. (05/15/05)
Common Sense Overview of CB Radios: This Q & A, written by Chuck Kopelson provides a helpful overview
CB Radio Resources: Open Directory listing of CB radio links
CB & Scanner Information: Advanced Specialties Communications, a New Jersey-based company, provides useful information about CB radios, HAM radios, and scanners
Guidelines for Using CB Radios: Official FCC rules
Police Department "10" Code: Nationwide list of radio codes & signals currently in use in the United States
GPS Equipment Reviews: Product information for hikers, roadtrippers, and explorers
GPS Maps: Special road trip tours using GPS equipment
Antenna Grounding Solution for fiberglass bodies:
One of the problems with vehicles built with extensive fiberglass (like RVs) is obtaining a sufficient ground for using the antennas. Wilson Electronics has a solution which can solve this problem

Resources for Laptop Computer Users
Tips & suggestions for using laptops to connect on the road
Road Wired's MegaMedia computer bag: Product review of some of the best dashboarding gear available
Breaking news in Wi-Fi and wireless LAN communities
Free 802.11(b) Wi-Fi connection locations by ZIP code
802.11(b) Wi-Fi access information for hotels and airports nationwide
Custom refurbishing for laptop computers
Definitive guide to installing LINUX on laptops


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