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    Default Things to do in Shreveport

    I'm not sure if this is where to post this.

    I've noticed a lot of people being concerned about travelling through Louisiana since the hurricanes. I thought it might be cool to list some of the interesting things to do in Shreveport, which is still the largest city in Louisiana functioning at full speed, and the surrounding areas.

    1) Eat a "Muffy" at Fertitta's Deli - (sad to say that I had my first Muffy today) - these are the "redneck version of the mufaletta" that Mr. Sam Fertitta invented in the sixties

    2) Go to the American Rose Center - the headquarters of the ARC is in Greenwood, Louisiana (exit 5 off of I-20). The gardens are beautiful and during November and December they have a huge light display

    3) Gambling along the Red River - there are approximately 5 casinos along the river

    4) Eat at Nankings Restaurant - located in downtown Shreveport this Chinese restaurant has been operating since the 1920s (my father swears by the chicken fried steak - don't ask)

    5) See Norton Art Gallery - the gardens surrounding it are enough, especially in the Spring when the azaleas are blooming - the art gallery has a collection that ranges from early American art to bronze Remington sculptures, random collections of dolls and J.J. Audobon pictures

    6) Take a paddleboat ride down the Red River (this is on my list of things to do - I'll report back when I get a chance)

    7) Catch a concert of the Shreveport Symphony - the longest operating symphony in the state of Louisiana

    8) Explore the downtown area - most of the buildings were built in the early part of the 20th century and are highly decorated. I work in what used to be doctor's offices back in the 20s - I'm always finding more medical signs engraved on the building and in the foyer.

    9) If you are adventurous head approximately 75 miles south down I-49 to Natchitoches, LA - the oldest city in LA after N.O. - this is a quaint city with a lot of historical buildings and neat shops - there is also a trail of plantation homes in the area -and a remake of a historical French fort that was located in the area back when LA was owned by the French

    Sorry if this bores everyone. Just wanted to put it out there. As I think of more things I'll post if there's any interest.
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  2. Default Not boring!

    Thanks for the list! That's a part of the country I don't know very well, for one, so ideas of things to do are appreciated. Bob

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