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    Default California Road Trip

    My girlfriend and a few friends of ours are seniors in highschool. We are looking for a great way to spend our last summer in California. We decided to take a road trip from LA up the coast until San Fransisco then head inland. We have a budget of about 25 grand. We want to know where the good places to stop and see the beach (we enjoy surfing) and other fun things are to do. If anyone has any suggestions of things to do or any idea about how much it would cost to make it up the coast please email me at thanks!

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    Default 25G?

    Wow, with $25 grand I could do a tour of the world quite nicely. Want to share?

    Seriously, I don't know enough about that area of CA and surfing to help you out but I think you'll have a great time spending all that dough! Enjoy

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    Default I volunteer

    for tour guide duty in Arizona -- my rates are well within your budget! Believe me, I KNOW how to spend the kind of money you're talking about -- even without any actual EXPERIENCE. :)

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