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    Default Things to bring?

    Myself and my my bestfriend are taking a month off and touring the country. We made a list of things to bring, but alas, this is our first time doing something like this. So I ask some of you who may have more experience, what things should we bring with us?

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    1 week's worth of clothes, Rain Gear and a jacket (and other warm clothes), Hat
    Quarters for laundromats, laundry detergent, Hiking boots, Day pack, Good quality sunglasses (Serengetis are GREAT), Binoculars, Camera, Flashlight, Extra batteries
    Cell phone and charging cord, Maps, Pen and Paper for keeping track of things. I use a small spiral notebook to keep a journal/diary kind of thing.
    Calculator, Box of tissue or partial roll of TP, Blanket and pillow for naps in the car!
    Snacks and Gum, Any tools you know how to use, Spare tire/jack/lug wrench
    Tire gauge, a can of Fix-a-Flat, CB radio (if you have one), Several gallons of purified water
    Flares or triangles
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    Check the "Gear Up" forum for more good ideas!

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