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    Default Need help finding things to do and see on Route 66?

    My sister is graduating high school this June and we want to do a road trip to Illinios to see family and have some adventure! Im having trouble looking up things to do that are on route 66, or near by? We will have 3 weeks round trip. Can any throw some ideas or some good referance web sites?

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    Default Just started looking?

    There are more resources and books about travel along Rte 66 than any other roadway in America. There is a link to our favorite Rte. 66 site on this page:

    One of our favorite road guides "RoadTrip USA" has a fairly complete listing of attractions along the old route, ( Plus if you go to and enter a keyword search on Rte 66 you will find plenty of guide books.

    Perhaps our favorite section of the old roadway is western Arizona where it passes over the magnificent Sitgreaves Pass near Oatman -- If you go to Oatman -- be sure and close your car windows or you may find yourself up close and personal with one of the resident burros who demand tips and/or treats from all cars -- cuter than the bears of Yellowstone National Park but no less assertive!

    Have an adventure!

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