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    Default Number Mountain, near Arco, Idaho

    The following memo was sent to me by Dennis Weaver, the RTA RoadFood Guru:
    At the base of Number Mountain are some old rock quarries. If you scrounge around in those quarries, you will find some fossils.

    If someone is traveling through the area and wants to stop for a picnic, the
    place is up Pass Creek between Arco and Mackay. The Pass Creek Road goes off to the right as you travel west. Up in the canyon--maybe five miles--there are some well-maintained picnic areas with new tables and rest rooms. If one wants to continue up the road from there, it will go over the top into The Little Lost River Valley. The road is suitable for RV's. The mountains are very scenic, the tallest in Idaho. Mt Borah, Idaho's tallest peak, is just up the road toward Mackay.

    There are some lakes in the area that are suitable for day hikes. If someone is in reasonable shape, the hike up Bear Creek is fantastic. There is an alpine lake at the top and the rock formations are out-of-this world. The trail is well maintained.

    Bear Creek comes in from the left. There is an unmaintained road that heads up Bear Creek to the trail head. It suitable for RV's only for the first half mile or so. The trailhead is maybe a mile and a half up the road, at the base of the rock wall to the right in the picture.

    (And yes, that is the unmaintained road) The lake is 3 1/2 miles from the trailhead.

    --Dennis Weaver
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    Hmmm, that road makes some of the logging roads I drive on look like the Autobahn. :-)

    Sounds like a cool place to visit someday.

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