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    Default Passenger Survival Tips???

    We've planned this awesome road trip from Florida, to Tennessee, to New York, to Montreal, to Illinois, to South Dakota, to Arizona... My man will be driving the Mini Cooper -I'll be in the passenger seat. (we're both tall) What can we expect? I assume our backs and necks will need support. Any advice for keeping aches and pains away? And what about my fitness regimen? There will be no time for gym visits along the way. I'm a little concerned. Excited about the trip, but a little concerned. Any advice?

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    Default Survival Tips

    The RoadTrip Planning section of this web site has lots of suggestions.

    If you haven't already done it, plan a route that takes you through places that interest either of you, and give yourselves enough time to stop.

    Don't try to set "Miles or Driving Hours" per day records. I really feel pushing the number of hours on the road ruins more trips than anything else. Although there may be good reasons for getting across the country as fast as possible, I wouldn't call that type of trip a "Road Trip."

    Stay off the interstates - although the "Red Roads" will take longer, you will find more interesting places to stop & take a break. You will be in much better shape if you stop for a few minutes every couple of hours to get out & unbend.

    As to fitness, we have made a number of 10K + trips across the country, and have always taken the time for walks, jogging, etc. If you have to use a gym, check for "Y's" in the towns you visit. Many will have provisions for a 1 or 2 day visit.

    Make sure you can deal with "close living" with each other. Wow, a Mini Cooper - we sometimes felt cramped with two of us in a Grand Caravan! I'd spend lots of time & energy limiting what you plan to take with you.

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    Everything Jon says, plus Advil...

    Seriously, if you can take it; I use it for muscle aches and pains acquired on long-distance motorcycle rides and it doesn't cure, but it sure helps. If you prefer homeopathic remedies, Arnica is the thing. Bob

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    Default Frisbees R Us

    Quote Originally Posted by ScenicRte
    I assume our backs and necks will need support. Any advice for keeping aches and pains away? And what about my fitness regimen? There will be no time for gym visits along the way.
    Get a frisbee and play hard on your breaks -- stretch and run when you can. I do frequent isometric excercises when I am driving. (I stepped from a moving helicopter a little too early a few years ago and tweaked my back a bit when I crashed into a tree and the ground -- luckily only my pilot witnessed that particular act of grace...) but I digress, there is a great book that was written to address staying in shape when on the road. Click here for my review of How to Stay Healthy & Fit on the Road, by Joanne V. Lichten,


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    For back and neck support, there are neck pillows that actually wrap around your neck... I find them more usefull for letting your head rest on that, and letting your muscles take a breather from holding your head up, than sleeping. You could also do one of those microcell lumbar pillows (they weigh like 3 pounds and feel like bean bags, but they are great when it comes to contouring to your back!

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    Thanks for all the useful info. My eager friend planned the trip weeks ago, and this will be the first time either of us has been in a car this long. We're both very optimistic about getting along.

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