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    imported_adam Guest

    Default any trip tips for us?

    I am going to be taking a trip with my brother next summer after he graduates HS and i graduate college. We are going for a month and are looking to spend most of our time out west. We wanted to know if anyone could tell us some must see spots or places. We are mostly interested in hiking and outdoor activities, so we are looking for trails and parks. We were also wondering if anyone had any tips that might be useful to us, such as what to bring that we might not think of, or any tips that will help us on our trip.

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    Default SE Arizona


    There are thousands of places to hike and explore in the West. One of my favorite destinations is the Chiricahua Mountains in southeastern Arizona. There are varieties of fauna and flora that only exist in the Chiricahuas. Within the range -- my favorites hikes are in the Cave Creek drainage. This is within the Coronado National Forest.

    Another little visited area is Great Basin National Park in central eastern Nevada. But for sheer delight and out-there-ness -- check out the slick rock canyon country found near Moab, Utah. There are four national parks in the region and plenty of places to explore.

    Have fun!


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    Jennifer Bianchi Guest

    Default trip help...

    I'm planning a monster-of-a-roadtrip myself this summer. I found it very helpful to contact the websites associated with each state and request visitors guides. The guides are free and they often come with maps, coupons, etc. Some let you specify which topics you need info on. Good Luck!

    (Editor's Note: Jennifer's site is and contains some helpful roadtrip budgeting information.)

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    imported_Darrell Guest


    Adam- I am from the east also. Out west be sure to check out the following:

    Rocky Mountain National Park in Estes, CO
    I40 in Colorado on your way from Boulder/RMNP to Dinosaur, CO
    Grand Canyon
    Red Rocks to the west of Vegas
    Mt. St. Helens
    Crater Lake
    Mt Ranier
    Mt Hood
    Mt Adams

    Just to name a few. There is lots to see out west. How could I forget Yellowstone?


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    Julia Guest

    Default Hi adam

    when i went on a roadtrip all around the southwest a couple of years ago, i loved arches national park in utah and of course the redwoods in CA. other amazing places are Santa Fe and Taos NM. Going through the Jemez mountains in NM is beautiful, and there are well-known natural hotsprings there right up the side of a mountain that a lot of Santa Fe locals would know about. Don't miss Yellowston either. Sedona, AZ is another great place. I could go on, but these were some of my favorites.

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    the columbia river gorge in oregon and washington has a lot of great day hikes and beautiful scenery

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    Jenn Guest

    Default beach

    I would through the Columbia Gorge (tons of trails and waterfalls) and then head down the Oregon Coast on hwy 101. You can play on the beach, eat seafood, hike in the mountains, swim and fish in streams and lakes. There's lots of campgrounds too, both state and federal. Bring snacks since you'll soon tire of road food. Towel/blanket, lots of water, sunscreen, camera are what I always pack. Postcards from your home state are also cool to show the girls you meet along the way.

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