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    Hi, myself and 4 other young ladies are road tripping to SLC for general conference weekend (LDS). We've never made this sort of trip before.

    Are there any tips that anyone has? Good time to leave, any prep I need for my car, etc. We just want to avoid car troubles, getting stuck somewhere, or worse getting lost.


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    The BEST tip I can give you is to make this a 2 day trip each way. This is over 800 miles and is not safe to drive straight through.

    I would leave right after morning rush hour ends and get off the road around dinnertime and find a hotel. Best car prep is have a qualified technician check it over. A AAA membership would help if you do have enroute issues. Getting lost shouldn't be an issue - a GPS would help but is NOT a substitute for proper paper maps. Easiest way is I-90/I-82/I-84/I-15.

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    Everything glc has suggested is right on, especially the advice to take two days each way and avoid rush hours. You want this to be an enjoyable trip, after all. Here's one more bit of advice to help with that. With five people in the car, even if it's a full-sized van, you're going to want to get out every so often and stretch your legs, change seating arrangements, use the facilities, etc., etc., etc. This will tend to slow the trip down due to more frequent stops and each stop will take longer due to the number of people involved. That's just the way it is and another reason why you should take two days down and two days back. But if you do that, you'll have plenty of time for all the stops and to enjoy a few sites near the highway as well. Ontario OR is close to midway and should have some acceptable overnight accommodations.

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