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    Hello Roadtrippers! We are thinking of driving from seattle to salt lake city on november 1st. How is this drive? Do we need to consider high mountain passes that may have snow? Is it a relative safe drive? I am NOT a lover of those steep mountain drives . . . .will this trip be full of those type scenes?

    Thanks for your help!

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    The weather cannot be predicted this soon, but you shouldn't have any issues if you stick to the Interstate highways. They are all built to standards which make them as safe as possible, and when it DOES snow, they are first priority to be cleared. Fastest route is I-90/I-82/I-84/I-15. This is a 840 mile drive and should NOT be attempted in 1 day, plan on an overnight part way. The only major pass you will have to go over is Snoqualmie Pass on I-90 not far east of Seattle. I'd recommend the Boise area for your overnight.

    It would be a 100 mile detour to avoid Snoqualmie Pass - I-5 to Portland, then I-84.

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    Hi there
    Thank you for your prompt response, it's very helpfull.
    I think I am going to take the detour through Portland
    Thanks again

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    Why not just check the weather and road conditions before you leave rather than commit yourself to a longer drive?

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    I agree it really doesn't make a sense to increase your miles on the road by more than 10% just to avoid a pass - when you have no idea what the conditions on the pass will be.

    As was mentioned, this really needed to be a 2 day trip, so you're only adding about an hour of travel to each day - but instead of being able to do this in a pretty easy day and a half, those 2 hours now means you'll need 2 pretty full days on the road.

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