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    I am taking a road trip w/ my wife and dog the end of June/July from Seattle to Park City UT to be w/ family. We are considering different routes and wanting to know any input of good locations to shoot some landscapes. Obviously there is Yellowstone/Tetons but not really wanting to battle people and since we're taking our dog we can't do much in Nat. Parks. Ideas so far are to go down from either Missoula or actually venture into Tetons, or go 84 and do Hell's Canyon. We've also been to Craters of the Moon Nat. Monument which may be worth going back since I now am shooting where before I wasn't. Ideas? We will also be car camping on the way so any good camping spots. Thanks for the input.

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    There are at least two great and completely different routes linking your departure and destination cities and both are photogenic, although in different ways. the northeastern route would be across the Palouse of eastern Washington, through Idaho on any of a number of their scenic highways to the Tetons and then south into Utah on US-89. The southwestern route would be along the southern shore of the Great Salt Lake, across the Bonneville Salt Flats and into northern Nevada. From Elko, take the route describe here up to Mountain Home and then follow the Snake and Columbia Rivers as well and as long as you can before hightailing it for home.


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    Default Hells Canyon, Wallowa

    Quote Originally Posted by jmesax View Post
    I am taking a road trip w/ my wife and dog the end of June/July
    The Bitteroots are pretty great, but I really enjoyed exploring Hells Canyon and this field report by Dennis Weaver should whet your appetite for exploring a little-known access road to Yellowstone.

    But, I would still suggest you explore the region east of Joseph and into the Hell's Canyon area. Wallowa Mountain Loop road is great, the overlook has very nice light and County Road 71, (especially around the Oxbow loop) is very memorable.

    Happy Planning!


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    Default Hell's Canyon and more

    I second the idea of going through the Hell's Canyon area. We went there last summer and had a blast. Beautiful scenery.

    Instead of going there via 84, you might consider making your way to Lewiston, preferred route is over White Pass on Hwy 12 but you could also take I-90 part of the way before heading south to Lewiston. From Lewiston, drive WA-129 and OR-3 into Joseph. This is an amazing drive. Breath-taking, actually. It is very twisty/curvy and you don't mention what you're driving. Our car loves the twisty-bits so we really enjoyed it. I imagine a vehicle that doesn't do well on those roads might make this trip a bit less fun. Your choice. But you won't find many drives more gorgeous than this. (You could also get to Joseph from 84 if you prefer that route.)

    From Joseph, head through Hell's Canyon via 82/39. Very rough road so plan to drive very slowly but the views are worth it.

    If you have time, go from this area to New Meadows, Idaho, via 71 and 95. Then continue north on 95 through Riggins. This takes you through the Payette National Forest and along the (oops, don't recall) River and into the Nez Perce reservation area. Again, gorgeous. Good twisty-bits and lots of fun to drive.

    You can then take 13/12 over Lolo Pass and through the Bitterroots. From there, you can hook up with I-90 for awhile before heading into Yellowstone or take some of the other lesser roads over that direction. There are lots of options.

    Yes, this is a round-about way and will add some miles but it would also make a really interesting trip.

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