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  1. Default Seattle to Salt Lake City - any suggestions?

    Any suggestions on sights to see or places to eat or stay on the way? I am a big fan of historical sights. Also, what would be the best way (in terms of both time and scenery) to go?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Default With a Little Extra Time...

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    The most straightforward route is to just take I-90 east north out of Seattle for a bit and then I-84 southeast through the Snake River Canyon I-84 eventually connects with I-15 for the last bit south to Salt Lake City. That could be driven in two very comfortable days, with time available to see some of the scenic attractions such as Bruneau Canyon and Sand Dunes, Hagerman Fossil Beds, and Twin Falls. But for history, the slightly longer alternative of staying on I-90 all the way to Butte and than taking I-15 to Salt Lake City would offer several Lewis and Clark sites, particularly if you used WA-17/WA-26/US-195 to connect to Clarlston/Lewiston, and then took US-12 through the Nez Perce Indian Reservation and then over Lolo Pass. You could also, if you had a third and/or fourth day available, detour through Yellowstone. and the Grand Tetons. It's all up to you and what you desire and have available in the way of resources.


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    Default Old Oregon Trail

    If you stay on I-84 virtually all the way into SLC, you'll be traveling along the old Oregon Trail. So even this interstate route gives you some historical sites to see. You can enjoy Pendleton's Underground Tour (similar to the one in Seattle but with a bit more risque matter like prostitution and opium dens). Baker City has the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center, among other things.

  4. Default Too hot to camp during the summer?

    This is the route I am planning on taking on my road trip next summer (I'm starting in Seattle but that part got cut off). I will probably be leaving in early July and getting back in mid August. I was originally budgeting to camp rather than stay in motels, but will it be too hot, do you think?

    PS I am open for suggestions on places to stop and see, alternate routes, etc.

    Thanks in advance,

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    You should be fine camping that far north. You will get some hot days but the humidity will not be extreme like it is down South. Budget for hotel stays if necessary anyway.

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    Default how hot is too hot?

    Its always tough to answer a question like that, because you can camp in pretty much any weather conditions, as long as you have the right gear and/or supplies for the conditions. Beyond that, your own comfort level is going to mean more than anything else.

    Realistically, the weather should be about as good as you'll ever find for camping, but as with anything, there could be a pretty big swing of conditions on any given day or week.

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    Oops, I meant to make this as two separate threads. I don't want to confuse anyone because in my first thread I am talking about only the first leg of my trip, Seattle to Salt Lake, while in my second thread I was talking about the entire trip. How do I undo the merging?

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    Default no mistake

    As you should see if you look at your above post, your new post was quite intentionally merged back with this thread.

    We prefer to keep all posts about one trip together in the same trip, so everyone knows all of the details of a trip, and they don't have to guess about other segments or restate advice that has already been given.

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    Okay, then is there any way that I can change the title so that it reflects everywhere that I am going rather than just the first leg? Thanks.

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