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  1. Default Salt Lake City-Yellowstone-Vancouver-Seattle

    Another trip to the U.S. and Canada this year.

    This year I'm looking for some helpful tips and places to see on a drive from Salt Lake City to Seattle around the first 2 weeks in September.
    My time frame is about 14 days with time spent in each area dependent on the amount of things and places to do and see.

    My plan is:
    Fly into Chicago Airport and then connection to Salt Lake City.
    Sight seeing around Salt Lake City area.
    Drive to Yellowstone NP.
    Drive to Vancouver (wouldn't mind seeing Glacier NP on this drive if we have time but not a must)
    Drive to Seattle
    Fly to New York and then home to Ireland.

    Any ideas of what we can do or see and a possible time frame for each destination would be great?


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    Default The Time is All Yours

    At 1,700 miles more or less (mostly more) you'll need to spend the equivalent of a solid four days driving to make the trip you have planned. Still that leaves you with ten days to parcel out among the places you want to spend time. For a truly scenic route from Salt Lake City up to the Tetons and Yellowstone, I like to suggest US-89. Then from Yellowstone up to Glacier National Park US-191/US-287/I-15/US-89. If you can, by all means use Going to the Sun Road to cross the park, and then head directly north into Canada on US-93/AB-93 to the Crowsnest Highway and Vancouver. All of that is included in my estimate of 1,700 miles.

    How to spend your 10 days is entirely up to you, but I would tend to spend a little bit more time in Vancouver and in between cities rather than in Salt Lake City and Seattle. For a comparison, when I go to Ireland I tend to stay north of a line connecting Dublin and Limerick, and I much prefer the Dingle Peninsula to the Ring of Kerry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AZBuck View Post
    For a comparison, when I go to Ireland I tend to stay north of a line connecting Dublin and Limerick, and I much prefer the Dingle Peninsula to the Ring of Kerry.

    I'm not a big fan of those city areas either but there are parts of County Wicklow and County Cork that are amazing scenery-wise so don't cover south of that line with the one dusty brush :) - I do prefer the Connaught region I have to say (on a good summers day) and I'm from the Leinster side...

    Anyway thanks for your advice on the drive to Vancouver, I will probably take the routes that you suggest.
    Are there any other must do's along the way?

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    Default Opinions

    The only other thing that I would heartily recommend, if you're of a mind, is to take one of the ferries out of Tsawwassen (south of Vancouver) and visit one or two of the islands in the Strait of Georgia. I toured Salt Spring Island myself and thoroughly enjoyed it despite the fact that (or maybe because) there was not much else besides the ferry ride and a lovely island. Also, if like me you're a fan of geographical oddities and do take one of these ferries, check out Point Roberts just south of Tsawwassen. It is a little piece of the U.S. which can only be reached from Canada.

    By the way, note that I only said I 'tend' to stay in the northern part of Eire. One of my most enjoyable evenings, or at least as much of it as I can remember, was spent at a tiny thatch-roofed pub in a little crossroads town outside of Cork, trading songs and stories with the locals. One of my least enjoyable but certainly most memorable experiences was being 'detained' for a couple of days by the King's Own Scottish Borderers in Belfast.
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  5. Default Yellowstone NP to Vancouver via Glacier NP


    Can anyone help with where to stay on the trip from Yellowstone to Vancouver via Glacier NP?

    I have accommodation in Yellowstone sorted and was looking for the best places to stay outside Glacier NP before going through it the next day - 1 night stay in September.
    I also need a recommendation on a town to stay in between Glacier NP and Vancouver - also 1 night.

    Any help would be great.

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    Default Whitefish

    It's perfectly located for a next-day drive through Glacier - and Whitefish is a delight in its own right too. Can't remember the name of the hotel we stayed at but you won't have any problem finding somewhere.


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    Default which way

    Which way are you going from Glacier to Vancouver? Are you going back to I-90, taking US-2, or going to go up into the Canadian side of Glacier and continue west from there?

  8. Default Canada side

    Planning on heading into Canada from Glacier and taking the crows nest highway towards Vancouver.

    I see Whitefish is on the West side of Glacier and we plan to do the 'going to the sun' route through Glacier then on to Canada - would it be better to stay on the East side of Glacier?

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    I wouldn't pass up a trip on the Going to the Sun.
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    Yeah, the Going To The Sun Road is pretty cool. Got there around 2pm on 2nd July last year to be greeted by signs announcing it was closed as I arrived at the pay booth at the edge of the park. I was disappointed so headed instead to the visitor centre to see what else there was to do and was greeted with a ranger removing the 'road closed' sign and replacing it with a 'road now open' one. Yes, it had opened just an hour earlier and I headed straight on up. I was so pleased I had lucked out that way - made it feel real special to be one of the first people to drive it that year! Make sure you take your camera and that you have lots of time as I guarantee you'll be stopping a LOT! (you'll even want to take photos as you drive...!)

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