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  1. Default American Honeymoon Itinerary - Help Plz

    Looking at heading to the USA for our honeymoon.......looking at going for roughly 3-4 weeks.
    We have a rough Idea of where we want to go and what we want to see - let us know what you think :o)

    5 nights in Vegas
    2 nights New York??? (Not sure where we should put New York in the Itinerary!!)
    2 nights Anaheim (Disneyland)
    3 nights in LA/Hollywood (Lakers Game, Universal Studios, hollywood homes)
    3 nights San Diego (Seaworld & would love to do a trip to Mexico)
    Road trip to San Francisco - 1 night in Santa Monica
    2 nights San Francisco (Alcatraz)
    5 nights Hawaii (Pearl Harbour and relax)

    Look forward to the comments and ideas...........

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Are cities the only thing you are interested in seeing? Certainly there are a lot of other things you could see just in the general area you've listed, like the Grand Canyon, Death Valley, Yosemite National Park, and the Pacific Coast highway. Also, what time of year are you traveling?

    I would say that I'd recommend going from Vegas to San Diego and then working your way north, rather than trying to jump around like your current list would have you do. I'll also note that Anaheim/LA/Hollywood/Santa Monica are all basically the same metro area. If you want to enjoy the coast highway from there to San Francisco you need to plan at least one, if not two nights, along the way. Basically the LA-SF-Vegas trip is the most popular trip on this forum, so you can certainly get a lot more in the way of details just by looking around.

    I will also note that there is a major problem of crime in Mexico right now, with border towns like Tijuana having the worst of it. Drug cartels are basically at war with the police, and as such the amount of violence, including murders and kidnappings, there is extremely high. If you do decide to head across the border, use an extreme amount of caution. You should also know that no rental car company will allow you to drive into Mexico.

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    I would look at flying into NYC, spend some time there, then take an internal flight to LV and rent a car. Drive to SD, LA, and SF in some fashion and fly to Hawaii from one of those cities.

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    We are travelling in March/April 2011...and we are travelling from Australia :o) So we can't get direct flights to New York we would go via LA. My partner and I are very keen to hit Vegas first but do you think it's better to go New York then Vegas????

    We have never been to the states so the main cities sounded like a better idea for us since
    we hadn't been before and there is so many things to do and see.

    So I am thinking Mexico is off the list lol doesn't sound at all safe at the moment, if we were to go with a tour group is that any better???And by the sounds of it a road trip from San Fran to San Diego is the way to go :o)

    Thanks for your help

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    If you still want to go to NYC, then fly into LA and get internal flights to NYC and back. Then rent a car and do a LA-SD-LV-SF-LA loop trip, then fly to HI from LA. This is going to minimize your transportation expenses while you are here.

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