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    I have bought the North American Rail Pass to use this June-July. It can be used for 30 days. I can't make up my mind what to do. Could someone help me with an itinerary? I mainly like sightseeing, major attractons, historic stuff, momuments. Montreal, Boston, Washington, D.C., Ottawa, Philadelphia, Nashville, are all musts and I want to stop in Virginia, South Carolina, or Mississippi. Haven't decided which. I want to stay mostly on the east coast. I'm going to do the west coast another time. I'm starting in Nova Scotia and taking the train right to Montreal. Any help will be great!

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    Default Mississippi?

    That's a bit out of your way. But, I've used amtrak (I'm guessing this is what you're talking about) to travel between Washington D.C. and Boston.

    The Mall in Washington DC is a great place to visit. You can take the Metro (?), DC's subway system, to get from place to place. I also highly recommend getting off at the Foggy Bottom stop near George Washington University's campus. The campus is beautiful and it's within walking distance of the Kennedy Center and the Watergate hotel. You can also see the Saudi Arabian Embassy along the way. I spent a couple of summers as a student guest artist at the Kennedy Center and really enjoyed that area of DC. I'd love to return one days sans a twenty some odd pound cello on my back.

    On my Amtrak ride the one place that I regret not being able to get off the train and explore was Mystic, Connecticut. I have no idea what it is like, but it looked absolutely gorgeous and inviting from my seat.


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