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    My husband, 10-year old daughter and I are planning a 2-week roadtrip the first part of June. I am having an awful time trying to decide on an itinerary because there is so much we want to see. I think I've narrowed it down to flying into Durango, renting a car and heading to Mesa Verde, up to Dinosaur, Grand Teton, Yellowstone, Cody, Sheridan, Deadwood, Mt. Rushmore and possibly Badlands. Flying out of Rapid City. Is this possible (without being too rushed) in 2 weeks? Is there something here that is "not to be missed" and other things that "could be missed?" HELP! :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by HapeTravln View Post
    I am having an awful time trying to decide on an itinerary
    Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum! For most of us, this is part of the fun -- hard to imagine this planning element as being "awful."
    I think I've narrowed it down to flying into Durango, renting a car and heading to Mesa Verde, up to Dinosaur,
    Temps in early June in Durango should be lovely (65 to 85 degrees) and there is plenty to see in the area. If it were my schedule, I would say that you are trying to see too much in fourteen days -- but you can certainly drive that far in that period and as the holiday progresses you can eliminate some of the stops if you find that you would prefer to go slower and spend less time on the road. Mesa Verde is great, I would also suggest using the Million Dollar Highway and look around the high elevation town of Ouray a little. There should still be snow on Red Mountain but roads will be dry and safe. If you have time for a train ride -- the Durango-Silverton run is fun and I bet your daughter would love it.
    Grand Teton, Yellowstone,Cody,
    As fabulous as they places are, these would be the ones I would cut, to make the pace a little more relaxing and substitute Rocky Mtn National Park on the way to the Dakotas. Here is a great overview for one roadtrippers journey in the Dakotas.

    On the other hand, if you don't mind driving 6-8 hours every day -- you could iinclude the entire route. What are your preferences and goals for this adventure?


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    Mark - Thank you for your reply! "Awful" was not meant as "bad," just difficult! (I'm from the south... :) The more I look at that part of the country, the more I want to see! My route has changed a dozen times in the last week alone... (my husband keeps reminding me we don't have to see it ALL this time)

    Initially, the trip included only Teton, Yellowstone and Mt. Rushmore. My daughter really wants to see Yellowstone and Mt. Rushmore. I added the Cody and Sheridan stops to break up the trip. From all I've read, this is a good time to see Yellowstone because it shouldn't be as crowded as it will be later in the summer. As I began to look at airports and routes, I hit on Durango and Mesa Verde, which sound awesome - but perhaps would be better left for another trip?? Dinosaur looked like something my daughter would enjoy as well. I also considered Salt Lake City, with a leisurely drive up 89 to Jackson - make the Yellowstone, Mt. Rushmore loop - and fly out of Denver.

    Goals for this trip are simply to enjoy our time together exploring new places. We are not "hard core" hikers, but will probably take some short hikes. Would like to go on a "chuckwagon" cookout, perhaps a trail ride, float trip (if it's not too cold), dip in some hot springs and see a lot of sights. On a cruise recently, we visited some Mayan ruins, and all of us thoroughly enjoyed that. I know we would enjoy Mesa Verde and Silverton immensely. We don't want to drive 6-8 hours every day, but wouldn't mind doing it non-stop once or twice.

    Does that help?? More words of wisdom??

    Thanks so much!

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    Sounds like we have alot in common, as far as this summers trip plan!
    Also we visited the Myan ruins in the past and loved them.
    My husband and I did several horse back trips , the north rim of the grand canyon-mule trip, it was awesome, Bryce canyon twice on horseback and Zion, all really great day trips.
    Just got an add from the Flying Pig adventure co. north of Yellowstone and we are thinking about the Paddle and Saddle trip.
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    It does sound as if we are planning similar trips! We first thought to fly out and rent an RV to make this trip, but as we've never rented one, figured we'd better do it a little closer to home first! (we're in VA) We are tent campers, but don't have enough time to make this trip with the tent.

    I think Mesa Verde will be awesome. I know my daughter will enjoy learning more about the Pueblo and Anasazi, and the area around there just sounds beautiful. My husband will NOT get on a horse (!), so I am hoping that my daughter and I will be able to take a half-day trip at some point.

    Like you, it's been a dream of mine to visit Yellowstone. (and what a wonderful treat to have your grandmother's journal!) I am starting to wonder, though, if we should save it for another trip - and combine Glacier NP with it.

    Are you have as much difficulty as I am trying to decide among all the great places to see????


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