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    I am planning a last-minute trip to Yellowstone and the surrounding area for the end of June. We are flying in and out of Bozeman, MT and have a week to spend in Yellowstone, Jackson, and GTNP. Does anyone have any good itinerary ideas?

    By some miracle I was able to book Old Faithful Inn for the first night. This gave me the idea of travelling south immediately and then working our way north. We could drive to OFI that first day and then continue to Jackson and GTNP and then drive up to see the rest of Yellowstone (I was able to book Canyon Lake Lodge for Day 4-7). What do you think?

    I know a lot of people would say this trip is short -- what's a MUST do? Has anyone done the hot air balloon rides in Jackson - worth the money (about 250-300) or no?

    Any ideas/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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    The geologist in me loves Yellowstone for the geologic history (the entire park sits within an old volcanic caldera) and its current thermal activity. Beyond Old Faithful, there are the lesser known geysers and boiling mud pits. The microbiologist in me loves the thermal ponds for their colorful extremophile bacteria. The photographer in me loves Yellowstone (and the Tetons) for the vistas. My cardiologist loves the hiking opportunities. As at all National Parks, your best bet is to check with the personnel at the visitors centers to see what's available that meets your needs.

    But much as I love Yellowstone, I think I'd also plan on spending at least one night out of the park. There is so much to do, especially to the east, that a one-day drive eastward past the Little Bighorn and Devils Tower to the Badlands and back the next day via Wind Cave, Casper and the Tetons (or some similar out and back trip) would be in order.


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    I'm going to be in Yellowstone in August. We're staying in Cooke City-- really small town right outside the park. It will be my first time there.

    Hope you write about your trip afterwards!


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