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    Hello! I'm looking for any information on a long trip from Memphis to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. We are avid fly fishing couple. That is the inspiration for the trip. We are newly retired, so there is really no limit (except for money) to the time. We were thinking about 2 wks, since it will take 24+ hrs one way.

    Any route advice, places to stop on the way, how long to drive in one day, motel advice, fly fishing places would be greatly appreciated.

    We are so excited!! We never have been vacationers, so this will be our first big trip after 40 years of marriage.

    Thanks for any advice you can give.

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    I can't help you with fishing, but I can tell you the fastest route from Memphis to Jackson.

    I-55 to STL, I-70 to KC, I-29 to Nebraska City, NE-2 to Lincoln, I-80 to Rock Springs, and US-191 to Jackson. This is about 1600 miles and can be done in 3 driving days of about 10 hours each, overnights near KC and Cheyenne.

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    Default Rmnp ?

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    I can't help with the fishing either, but I would like to highlight what glc has said, it is a 3 day trip and not a 24 hour + trip as a computer would have you believe. They forget that us mere mortals need food and sleep and that we might be subject to delays for traffic congestion or construction.

    If you took a little more time for your journey one way, you could head to I 70 and perhaps have a day or 2 in Rocky mountain NP along the way. When we were there last October there were a few fly fisherman along the Bear lake corridor at various lakes, but you would have to check out what permits etc are required through the nps Website.

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