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    Hi everyone
    I have been using the forum to plan our up coming trip in late june starting in LA.
    From posts already on the forum I've managed to get all the way to Denver in about 22 days with lots of stops along the way. Problem is now I don't know which would be the best scenic roads to take from Denver to Jackson Hole where we are planning to stay for visiting Grand Teton and Yellowstone.
    Should we travel from Denver to Sheridan then across or from Denver via Casper? Or should we look at another route ? After leaving Jackson Hole I would like to travel through Idaho then down through Utah to Salt Lake City on our way back to LA.


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    Default I'd Take Another Route

    Not knowing what you have in mind for getting to Denver, I may end up recommending roads that you'll have already driven, but if I were looking to go from Denver to Jackson (Jackson Hole is the valley.), I'd be looking at starting out on US-36 up to Boulder and through Rocky Mountain National Park on US-34, connecting with US-40 west to Vernal, UT and Dinosaur National Monument. From there US-191/US-189/US-26 would take you north up to Jackson


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    Another possibility for a scenic drive from Denver would be go north to Laramie, then west on 130 through Centennial and on to Saratoga, with a side trip to Encampment. This takes you through the Snowy Range and is very scenic and not crowded. From Saratoga, go to Rawlins and take 287 north past the Wind River Range on to Jackson. Again the Wind River Range is very scenic. There are several scenic ways to get to the Snowy Range from Denver. Take 14 west from Fort Collins up the Cache La Poudre river to Walden, then north to Laramie and my original route. Or, go through Rocky Mountain Nat. Park fro Estes Park to Granby, the go through Kremling and on to Walden. Any of these are good trips. Enjoy

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    Our stop before Denver is Moab in Utah. From there we will travel on the 70 through Grand Junction and on to Denver. We have a four night stay planned for Denver before continuing on to Jackson. I will study the routes you guys suggest and make a decision.
    Thanks for the replies


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    We had a road trip a few years ago from Denver up to Yellowstone and back to Denver. The route there and back was different and you can take a look on

    Our return leg from Yellowstone to Denver was extremely similar to the one AZBuck recommended and I would second that recommendation.


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