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    I'm planning a trip from Alabama to Oregon then over to Chicago and back to Alabama again. I have friends in Jackson, WY and Chicago that I'm going to stay with for a couple days in each city and I'm wondering what's a good route (scenic, relatively quick, historic sites included) to take between the two.

    I only want to spend 2 days -- 3 at the most-- traveling between jackson and chicago, but I would like to make the journey memorable, so does anyone have recommendations of good camping spots, hostels, places to see, etc.?

    This will be my first road trip and I'm trying to squeeze it into 3 1/2 weeks in August so any suggestions are welcome.


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    If you plan to make any stops along the way, you're not going to be able to make this trip in just 2 days. At 1400 miles, you'd be looking at 14 hour days on the road just for travel time and essential food/fuel/etc stops.

    Even if you are doing this in 3 days, I think you'll need to stick to the quickest possible route if you want to see anything along the way. That would be using I-80 for the vast majority of the trip. There are a really good number of interesting and historical stop along that route, including Oregon Trail stops in the western section of your drive and the interesting Amana Colonies and Herbert Hoover's Hometown in Iowa. This thread talks about some of those ideas. Your path would also take you near the first cross country route: the Lincoln Highway.

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